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FLOYD INGRAM: Memorial Day memories

I hung an American Flag up at my house Monday. It will stay up 24-hours a day, seven-days a week. Yes, I was a Boy Scout. And, yes I know flags are to be taken down at dusk and raised every morning at dawn – unless artificially lighted at night. I once pointed out this […]

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Honesty the best policy

The phones at the Chickasaw Journal rang regularly Wednesday as you called to point out we got the time change wrong on Page One last week. While the headline read “Spring forward,” the copy said to fall back one hour for daylight savings time. And though we didn’t think it was very funny, we had […]

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TEEN PREGNANCY: A new game plan

  HOUSTON – “Be patient, live your life,” is Greg PUlliam’s advice to teens. Pulliam knows well that a teen pregnancy will change everything about the way you planned to live it. The Houston High School graduate learned he would become a father in the fall of his senior year and knew immediately his plans […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: They call me Dad

I’ve held a number of titles in my years. Reporter, Editor, Publisher, General Manager, Scoutmaster, R.A. Leader, Finance Committee Chairman, apprentice roofer and CDL certified truck driver. Some were more highfaluting than others, some paid better and all satisfied in one way or another. But my favorite title is Dad. No pay comes with that […]

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TEEN PREGNANCY: Five-part Series starts this week

CHICKASAW COUNTY – Nationwide the number is coming down, but teen pregnancy is still a chronic problem in rural, Northeast Mississippi. The Chickasaw Journal will embark this week on a five part series of stories looking hard at the factors that influence teen pregnancy, how our community and schools are addressing the issue and talk […]

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BILLY McCORD: As I see it

The weather is absolutely beautiful, marred only by having to move the clocks back one hour this morning. I do not like the time change at all because it provides too much darkness as far as I am concerned. I realize that it may be because I am getting old and grouchy. Even if that […]

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