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GLENN MOLLETTE: Candidates talking and shaking hands

  During the campaign trails of Trump, Clinton, Cruse, Rubio, Sanders and the others we hear a lot of talk and see a lot of shaking of hands. Talking and shaking hands is good if it leads to saving our country. We could use some talking to America’s businesses. Federal and state leaders must ask […]

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GLENN MOLLETTE: Medical insurance is too expensive

  I felt like my insurance company wanted me out of healthcare when I received my new premium information for 2016. I paid over $1,600 a month for my wife and I to have medical insurance in 2015. Last fall I learned my current policy would increase to over $1,950 per month.  I had the […]

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Who deserves your vote?

      This is the final week of county elections and we hope people have already studied the candidates, made their decision and can wisely and confidently walk into the voting booth on Tuesday, Nov. 3, and make the right choice. Chickasaw County will be a very different place under the leadership of these […]

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EDITORIAL: Lines of Liberty

“When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the […]

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Zinn, Kelly advance to 1st Congressional district runoff

By Rod Guajardo Daily Journal TUPELO – Two candidates – a Democrat and a Republican – are advancing to a June 2 runoff election in the race for Mississippi’s 1st District Congressional seat. Howard Zinn and Trent Kelly were the two front runners in Tuesday’s special election to fill the seat left vacated following the […]

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Record numbers trek the Trace

TUPELO – The government shutdown didn’t stop people from flocking to the Natchez Trace Parkway in 2013. More than 6.01 million people used and visited the Natchez Trace last year, up from the 5.56 million visitors in 2012. This made the Natchez Trace Parkway the eighth most visited National Park Service site. When the non-recreational […]

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In the event of an emergency . . .

OKOLONA – Preparing for any emergency is never an easy task and trying to prepare for an unexpected disaster pushes the envelope even further. But over 40 representatives of local and area entities gathered Feb. 4 to try to do just that. The Chickasaw County Emergency Management office organized a tabletop exercise, facilitated by Todd […]

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TEEN PREGNANCY: Pregnant teens need help, support

CHICKASAW COUNTY – When a teenage girl and guy find out they are pregnant, they need help. Pregnant teens need lots of support, including social, medical, emotional and academic support. And it comes from family, school, church and the government. The statistics and stories published by the Chickasaw Journal over the past three weeks repeatedly […]

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Nikki Baird is freshman representative at ICC

BOONEVILLE – Northeast Mississippi Community College’s Student Government Association (SGA) recently completed its student council for the 2013-14 academic year during campus wide elections in September. After electing the core of the Student Government Association in the spring with Tishomingo’s Katelin Wallace, Belmont’s Wesley Brandon and Bruce’s Lexi Burt comprising the roles of president, vice-president […]

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BILLY McCord: As I see it

Last week I encouraged you to watch the weather for last Saturday and Sunday for some chilly weather based on the Old Farmers Almanac’s prediction for frost Oct. 19. Ann is now bringing in some potted plants while I am assuring her it is not going to frost on this date. The good thing about […]

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It’s official!

CHICKASAW COUNTY — They raised their right hands and many placed their hands on a Bible as they solemnly swore to uphold the ordinances, laws and liberties of their cities, their state and their nation. Municipal officials were officially sworn in last week in Houston, Okolona, Woodland and Houlka and can now get about the […]

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Pull your weight, work for entitlement   Dear Editor, The long dreaded automatic spending cuts of the sequester have now taken effect. Yet the sky did not fall despite the ominous warnings of Chicken Little and company. In realty these very modest reductions in government spending are all our elected officials have done to actually […]

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Send her a letter

HOUSTON – Bonnie Sappington stamped her last stamp Thursday as a postman. Sappington retired after 33 years with the U.S. Postal Service, having worked the windows at both Houston and Houlka most of her career. “I’ve always liked working the window,” said Sappington. “You meet people and help them with postage to get a letter […]

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