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FLOYD INGRAM: A man with a gun

Deer season ends today for the Ingrams. My youngest son James and I will spend the last daylight hours of Jan. 20, 2015, looking for Mr. Buck on the 88-acres of beautiful Mississippi hardwood that we have hunted for the past three years. It snowed this week and the forecast calls for rain today, but […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: Ready, Aim, Fireworks!

This nation was shaped by gunpowder. That daring American spirit that fostered this country’s independence is the same one that prompts most of us to own a firearm and shoot fireworks. Shooting fireworks inside the city limits of Houston on July 4 is the only form of civil disobedience tolerated at the Ingram household and […]

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Flywheel fun starts Friday

We moved to Houston four years ago and have attended every Flywheel Festival since – spring and fall. Our first year here we got to pull the lanyard on the Keck-Gonnerman steam tractor and make it whistle. The next year we got to push the button at the Friday morning anvil shoot. Last year we […]

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