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SONNY SCOTT: No patience for sniveling

  Pleasing Mother was my goal in life. She wanted me to play basketball, so I suffered six years of basketball. She wanted me to go to college – no passion of mine, but I wanted to please, so I entered college in 1965 – the first in my family to do so. My high […]

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Wipe your paws

Grandmother was a wise old sage, but often could be a bit eccentric. One of the joys of her life was a peke-a-poo dog named Harry. That was an appropriate name because Harry was just that, “hairy.” He had long, smooth hair from his nose to his tail and that was the problem. Harry had […]

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LOCAL FOCUS: Warnick’s Barber Shop

HOUSTON – Customers come from near and far to sit in the chair at Warnick’s Barber Shop for a haircut and to catch up on what’s happening in the world and in Chickasaw County. Gerald Gray has been trimming hair since 1960 and been cutting hair in Houston for the past 4-1/2 years at the […]

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Their Houston High heart calls them home

HOUSTON – Thirty-seven graduates of Houston High School received their diploma in 1949 and while life has carried them far away, their heart still calls them home once a year. The Class of 1949 celebrated their 63rd annual reunion recently with the group gathering at Bridges-Hall manor in Houston to catch up on family news […]

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BACK TO SCHOOL: Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Policies 2013 HOUSTON HIGH SCHOOL * Shoes must be worn at all times. House shoes are not permitted. Shoelaces must be in shoes that reqauire them. * Hats, caps other headgear and sunglasses are not to be worn to school * Tube tops, halters, tank tops (spaghetti straps), bare or exposed midriffs, backless […]

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DNA: The new fingerprint

  Law enforcement uses a lot of tools to track down law breakers and one of the most telling and accurate is DNA profiling. Also called DNA testing, DNA typing or genetic fingerprinting – DNA profiling is a technique employed by forensic scientists and law enforcement to assist in the identification of people by their […]

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LOCAL FOCUS: Wave Lengths

  HOUSTON – Wave Lengths is your classic hometown salon complete with people who know your name, know your style and it is run by people who know their business. The hair salon is just off the Square on West Hamilton and has been run by Leigh Ann Howell in the same location for the […]

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