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Restaurants, food facilities under watchful eye of state health department

By Dennis Seid Daily Journal Mississippi has more than 14,000 places that serve food to the public, a list that includes restaurants, caterers, casinos, schools, nursing homes and food trucks. Every week, the Mississippi Department of Health sends inspectors to visit some of those facilities, using an extensive checklist that could take 30 minutes or […]

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TEEN PREGNANCY: Pregnant teens need help, support

CHICKASAW COUNTY – When a teenage girl and guy find out they are pregnant, they need help. Pregnant teens need lots of support, including social, medical, emotional and academic support. And it comes from family, school, church and the government. The statistics and stories published by the Chickasaw Journal over the past three weeks repeatedly […]

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TEEN PREGNANCY: Mom traditionally carries the burden

    CHICKASAW COUNTY – It takes two to make a baby, but the burden of a teen pregnancy almost always rests on mom. While teen pregnancy does not carry the stigma of 20 years ago, there are still many hurdles a teenage girl must overcome to make a better life for herself and her […]

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