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GLENN MOLLETTE: Choose Life – It’s a brief experience

Life is an opportunity to spend a brief period of time in this world. During this minimal space of time we are fortunate to enjoy what most others cannot do. Most of the people who have ever lived are dead. Therefore we are in a very rare state of existence. We are in the land […]

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Life is lived once. Be happy. What should you be doing today? What do you want to be doing today? Where should you be today? Where do you want to be today? An old friend who recently died said, “Do what you enjoy.” Life is not only about our gratification. We have family members and […]

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Two charged with capital murder in Bruce shooting

By William Moore Daily Journal CALHOUN CITY – A Calhoun County couple is facing the death penalty in connection with a fatal shooting in Bruce. Calhoun County sheriff Greg Pollan said capital murder charges were filed against JaShon Coleman, 21, of Derma, and Breanna Westmoreland, 17, of Banner. If convicted of capital murder, the only […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: It’s the giving, not the gift . . .

I’ve been around the newspaper business for about 45 of my 55 years, having started out in this profession throwing papers at the tender age of ten in West Point. Delivering newspapers every afternoon five days a week and then trying to collect for your services on weekends will teach you a lot about business […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: Quality of life

We hear people talk about quality of life all the time. It’s one of those feel-good phrases that are loved by local, state and federal politicians when they want to say something good without really saying something at all. Think about it. What is quality of life? A person’s health is one factor when we […]

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EDITORIAL: The Good Newspaper

The good newspaper should be a catalyst in its community, oiling the efforts of widely varying groups to achieve a reasonably smooth, balanced flow of progress. It seeks to provide coherence to scattered and sometimes conflicting objectives, enabling its community to get a better view of priorities and ways in which joint efforts may prove […]

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LIFE strategies

TUPELO – Emily Word was trained as a social worker by the University of Mississippi, so she knows how to meet people where they are. But her clients at Living Independence For Everyone in Tupelo can be challenging. “Sometimes people call and they just complain and want to be more disabled than they are,” said […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: Advice to June brides, grooms

I’ve seen your names in the paper. I’ve seen your lovely faces smiling at us from the pages of our Lifestyles section. And I guess there is really nothing I can say to stop you, if your heart and mind are already made up about this marriage thing. Now, I’m not one of those who […]

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Pipkin first to roll Trail

HOUSTON – A Chickasaw County man is the first person to trek all 44-miles of the Tanglefoot Trail in a day in a wheelchair. “It’s actually 43.6 miles,” said a tired but smiling Robbie Pipkin. “I am worn slap out, but I’m so glad I did this. I am so glad I did this.” Pipkin […]

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Pipkin plans to wheel Tanglefoot Trail

CHICKASAW COUNTY – He rolled the Tanglefoot Trail from Algoma to Houston Thursday in about six hours, which is just under half the length of the 44-mile trail. Robbie Pipkin, 44, of Houston, rolled his wheelchair from Algoma to Houston last week in preparation for a fundraiser that will see him go the entire length […]

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Holy Week in Houston

HOUSTON – Lenten lunches wrap up with Good Friday services and a meal at Houston First United Methodist Church Family life center at noon. “If you can’t get excited about being a Christian during Holy Week, you need to get in church this week,” said Rev. Rex Wilburn, pastor of Houston First United Methodist Church. “This […]

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LOCAL FOCUS: Turner Insurance

  Chris Turner doesn’t sell insurance, he serves customers. Turner began his business in Houlka in 2007 but has been working in the field of insurance since 2000. “My great-grandfather actually opened an insurance company in his store in Houlka in 1905 selling insurance for Western Assurance out of Canada,” said Turner. “With a heritage […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: The facts of life

I am the father of four boys and the youngest is trying to get his driver’s license. At age 54, if the mother of my children came to me and said she was pregnant I would probably fall through the floor. I know the hurdles of raising children. I know the demands of a baby. […]

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TEEN PREGNANCY: Five-part Series starts this week

CHICKASAW COUNTY – Nationwide the number is coming down, but teen pregnancy is still a chronic problem in rural, Northeast Mississippi. The Chickasaw Journal will embark this week on a five part series of stories looking hard at the factors that influence teen pregnancy, how our community and schools are addressing the issue and talk […]

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