THS Council of Excellence

In today’s Daily Journal, I wrote a story about the school’s new Council of Excellence.

Here is a little more information about the council members, as well as their contact information:

THS Council of Excellence

• Chip Ashford, BancorpSouth, benjamin.ashford (at), (662) 321-1427

Chandler Craig, THS student, chanman_27 (at)

Doyce Deas, Learning Skills Center, ddeas1213 (at), (662) 401-7891

Matthew Dillon, TPSD Assistant Superintendent, mdillon (at), (662) 871-8680

Missy Donovan, Department of Youth Services, melissa.donovan (at), (662) 231-7230

Cathy Fitzpatrick, parent and Renasant Bank, cfitzpatrick (at), (662) 401-9935

Juanita Floyd, parent and CREATE Foundation, juanita (at), (662) 488-5959

Michael Gratz, parent and Gratz & Gratz, P.A., michael (at), (662) 213-7424

Lori Grelen, parent and MSU Pontotoc Experiment Station, lgrelen (at), (662) 296-8887

Robin Haire, parent and Haire Wealth Management,, (662) 871-3237

Kristen Hare, THS student, kristenhare94 (at)

Amy Harris, parent and attorney, ajsharris (at), (662) 416-2069

Jason Harris, THS principal, jqharris (at), (662) 841-8970

Andi Hildenbrand, parent, andihildenbrand (at), (662) 321-9110

Gloria Holliday, real estate agent, gford (at), (662) 372-2826

Ashton Huey, THS student, ashton2495 (at)

James Hull, parent and Hull Multi Media, Inc., jameshull3 (at), (662) 213-3027

Michelle Milner, parent and Itawamba Community College, michellemilner3 (at), (662) 230-2393

John Oxford, parent and Renasant Bank, joxford (at), (662) 801-7473

Gerald Patterson, Word of Faith Ministries, geraldpatterson5 (at), (662) 422-1696

Charles Penson, Mt. Comfort CME Church, charlespenson (at), (662) 231-3193

Mary Ann Plasencia, TPSD Community Liaison, maplasencia (at), (662) 891-8498

Bess Robbins, parent and Pedia Staff Inc., contact not available

Mike Sowers, parent and EnCore Furniture, msowers (at), (662) 231-5196

Nels Thorderson, parent  and orthopedic surgeon, nthor30 (at), (662) 690-9299

Teresa Ware, THS teacher, twware (at), (662) 841-8970

Trae Wyatt, former TPSD teacher, parent and Vail Health Services; traeandamy (at), (662) 523-2159

Note: Parents include those of THS students, as well as those of younger students.

The 27-member group includes district and school leaders, teachers, students, parents, community leaders, business and faith-based representatives and others. It will meet at least four times during the  year to present, research and discuss various concerns.

It will not have any decision-making authority in regard to school governance or finance but will offer an outlet for discussion on all sides of an issue. The group is facilitated by Nita Rudy, program director for Parents for Public Schools’ national office in Jackson.

In terms of diversity, there are 14 males and 13 females. The group has 18 white members, eight black members and one Hispanic.