School rankings breakdown

The Daily Journal determined the average income, number of teenage births and percentage of babies born to unmarried mothers for each district graded “A” by the Mississippi Department of Education. It also did the same for each district graded “B,” “C,” “D” and “F.”

For each drop of a district’s grade level – from “A” to “F” – the median household income also falls. For each drop in level, the percentages of both teenage mothers and unmarried mothers rise.

The grade levels were released by the Mississippi Department of Education earlier this month. They are based on student results on state tests, whether students showed a year’s worth of growth and the graduation rate. There are 19 “A” districts, 42 “B” districts, 37 “C” districts, 37 “D” districts and 13 “F” districts.

Statistics for income, teen births and births to unmarried mothers come from the 2007-2011 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates. (This data appeared in today’s Daily Journal)

• Median household income by school district grade

A: $46,084

B: $39,433

C: $31,414

D: $31,304

F: $24,440


• Teenage births per 1,000 teens by school district grade

A: 26.95

B: 34.0

C: 52.54

D: 61.08

F: 75.77


• Percentage of births to unmarried mothers by school district grade

A: 25.31%

B: 38.95%

C: 58.34%

D: 64.4%

F: 77.48%

(NOTE: These rankings accompanied the following story: ‘Enormous effects’: Poverty, family structure imprint Mississippi’s education fabric

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