State of Our Schools: Choosing quality

What do parents need to know when choosing high-quality child care? Here are some indicators that can help:


Quality checklist
• Well-trained staff and small teacher-student ratios
• Opportunities for children to learn through play
• Lots of language, reading and interactions with children
• Avoidance of too many worksheets, too much TV
• An openness to random visits by parents
• Regular updates for parents on what children are doing, how they are developing
• Places where children look happy, safe and loved


Several Mississippi organizations joined together to create two brochures to advise parents choosing child care. One is for children from birth to age 2 and the other for those ages 3 to 5. Visit, click the link on the left side for “child care resources” and then click the link for “brochures for choosing quality child care.”
The brochures show pictures of what quality looks like in six areas:
• Healthy food
• Learning
• Love and care
• Room and space
• Safety
• Trained staff

To view the entire “State of Our Schools” series, visit:


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