Division 1-4A Football Awards

Coaching Staff of the Year: Itawamba

Player of the Year: Ashton Shumpert, Itawamba

Offensive MVP: Dario Robinson, Amory

Defensive MVP: Anthony Peters, Pontotoc


First Team Offense

Quarterback: Tyler Dossett, Itawamba

Running backs: Diamante Pounds, Shannon; Charles Moore, Itawamba

Receivers: Devin McIntosh, Amory; Chandler Dexter, Tishomingo County; Brice Spence, Corinth; Tanner Poole, Amory

Offensive line: Ethan Orr, Itawamba; Cody Crane, Itawamba; Desmond Johnson, Itawamba; Channing Holland, Tishomingo County; Josh Duff, Pontotoc

Tight end: Houston Orr, Itawamba


First Team Defense

Defensive line: Mason Sykes, Tishomingo County; Austin Roberts, Amory; Pree Dunbar, Corinth; Cole Strawn, Pontotoc

Linebackers: Hayden Williams, Amory; Austin Cautharn, Itawamba; Reggie White, Itawamba; Devan Gilleylen, Shannon; Jose Contreras, Corinth

Defensive backs: Chavis Dilworth, Shannon; Peyton Green, Itawamba; Braxton Polk, Amory; Brannon Gamble, Tishomingo County


First Team Special Teams

Kicker: John Michael McFall, Corinth

Punter: Jeb Millender, Pontotoc

Snapper: Andrew Ashe, Pontotoc


Second Team Offense

Quarterback: Jon David Poss, Amory

Running backs: Kendrick Williams, Corinth; Robert White, Corinth

Receivers: Trei Freeman, Pontotoc; Abaris Woodrick, Amory; Brico Burgess, Itawamba; Mark Seals, Shannon

Offensive line: Darius Conway, Shannon; Drew Holloway, Pontotoc; Jeremy Ray, Tishomingo County; John Mark Howell, Amory; Rodsheed Windom, Corinth


Second Team Defense

Defensive line: Michael Lloyd, Amory; Jamarcus Marion, Itawamba; Randy Hill, Corinth; Alex Metcalf, Shannon

Linebackers: Keashawn Gaston, Itawamba; Kyoshi Agnew, Corinth; Ben Oawalt, Amory; Austin Marlin, Tishomingo County; Zaccheus Finnie, Shannon

Defensive backs: Quavay Kolheim, Shannon; Dee Evans, Amory; Shun King, Pontotoc; Hunter Pounders, Tishomingo County


Second Team Special Teams

Kicker: Gabe Butler, Tishomingo County

Punter: Zach Whittaker, Itawamba

Snapper: Cameron Shumpert, Itawamba

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