Blog Bag: Bring Me Your Questions, Even Your TV Ones

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for the Blog Bag. Y’all have sent in some pretty good questions the past couple of weeks, so I hope you can keep it up. And if you feel the need to ask about how to watch the MSU-Troy game, then I’ll try to make the answer as clear as possible. (The answer:; that’s it.) In fact, I’ll go ahead and help you out now with a couple of links, via Joe Galbraith: This one and this one.

And yet, people will still pepper me on Saturday with the question, “What channel is the game on?” That’s OK, I’ll just direct them to my timeline.

Now, please ask away.

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  • darkcooger

    Is MSU’s offensive line that good, or is Auburn’s that bad? Or a combination of the two? 😛

  • bml51

    Maybe I missed it, but when will the times for the rest of the games be decided?

  • csd8423

    Will be able to watch the game at a sports bar such as Wild wings?

  • Mstate007

    What is up with devon bell’s field goal kicking?

  • Reason2Succeed

    Is there any mental benefit of playing OOC games against smaller schools on the road? Does it help the players focus on the job at hand by getting on the bus and staying in the hotel?

    Are the coaches getting a good idea of where the team is in its development or are we still guessing about how good the competition has been so far?

    Is the DL living up to the coaches expectations so far? Is the rotation of so many player providing the impact we expected? ” ” linebackers?

    What is the next stage of development that you want to see out of this team?

  • Realistically, when do we see State get ranked?

  • Bulldawgfan

    What is the latest on PJ Jones?

  • CottonDog21

    BL, can you use your probably many connections to ask ESPN why they aren’t using the CORRECT/NEW MS State logo? Everytime a SEC discussion takes place, they(espn) are showing the old logo. Not a huge problem, but they are supposedly the “leader in sports”.

  • CB

    What do you see as the best and worst case scenario outcomes from the ‘recruiting irregularity’ based on the new information of this week?

  • jason

    Why haven’t we seen much of nick griffin.

  • jwrightmsu

    Whose info is the most garbage? De’Vinner or Schad?

  • jaxdawg

    The MSU – Jackson State game was blacked out on ESPN3 in NE Alabama. Any chance that the Troy game will be blacked out?

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