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This week’s game: MSU (2-0) at Troy (1-1), Saturday, 6 p.m., ESPN3.com (Shawn Kenney and John Bunting)


Good morning, readers. I hope you have a little time to read what I wrote for today’s Journal. Some thought-provoking stuff, I’m sure, starting with the latest on what Byron De’Vinner had to say about the recruitment of Will Redmond. It was quite an interesting day Wednesday, as De’Vinner was quoted by several different news outlets and offered different (and sometimes differing) details to each one.

Collectively, what we know is essentially this: De’Vinner says he’s just trying to clear his name and wants people to know that rogue MSU booster Robert Denton Herring is the guy behind most of these shenanigans, which included a $6,000 enticement to Redmond for choosing MSU. But De’Vinner apparently doesn’t know for sure whether Redmond took the money.

Let’s rerun the quote from today’s story on that: “From my experience, Will never took it. That’s my understanding, he didn’t. I can’t say if he did or didn’t, because I didn’t see it.” Have fun deciphering that.

Also in today’s Journal is a column I wrote about the next four weeks of MSU football. It’s an honest observation, and one that I made out of genuine concern for the fans, and out of genuine curiosity as to how the Bulldogs will look coming out of this stretch. Troy, South Alabama, bye week, Kentucky? Not the stiffest of tests. Frankly, I believe MSU will come out of it just fine and should beat Tennessee, but it’s something to consider.

An aside, if you please: For those saying I’m trying to be negative about MSU possibly starting 5-0, you would do well to remember how much I’ve said and written about how huge the Auburn win was and what kind of season was/is possible after winning that game, and how 7-0 is a very real possibility, and how going into Alabama on that kind of roll gives State a fighting chance in Tuscaloosa. Most of you are smart enough to fit my column into the larger context of what I’ve said and written before; please help those who struggle with that.

Hey, don’t forget, later today I’ll post my SEC Power Rankings as well as a prediction on the Troy game.

I am the online content coordinator for DJournal.com. I also co-host The Memo and Prep Rally podcasts and host the Newsbreak program. Previously at the Journal, I covered Mississippi State athletics (2008-13), high schools (2004-08), and was on the copy desk (2002-04).

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  • DeVinner is a Liar with an Ego. I dont blame the media for giving him a stage… but its just what he wanted. The more he talks the more he lies.

  • jaxdawg

    a pity that a rogue booster can cause such disruption in a football
    program. If sanctions against the school do come and are harsh, it
    could cost the school hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, not
    to mention the long-term damage to the program, and the innocent
    athletes who would suffer.

    It seems to me that the only way to put a stop to this would be for
    the university to sue the booster for the revenue lost due to his
    actions OR to criminalize this type activity and put offenders behind

  • blancaster

    I live in Nashville where DeVinner was on the radio.
    Will’s mom entrusted her son to DeVinner to make the trip to Starkville. He witnessed the cash change hands and told Will to “take it to his grave”. I called in to ask why, as a father figure, he didn’t tell Will to return the money and stay clean. His answer was that he didn’t actually see the money change hands, that Will told him that’s what he got after the fact. He then told his mother. He is embellishing the story and leaving out facts.

    • #ShowOff

      I live in Nashville and listened as you asked that question. You’re right…the more DeVinner spoke the more embellished his story became. You can certainly tell that he enjoyed the “stage” and “15 minutes of fame” he was receiving while being asked questions by Brent, Clay, and Blaine on the 3-hour lunch radio show. I believe he certainly has an agenda with coaching the 7on7 team. I also find it pretty strange to randomly call in MS head to head radio and tell his story…then decline interviews w/ MSU beat writers and the following day answer questions on air for 104.5 the zone, the Tennessean, and Yahoo! Sports while telling more stories and circumstances he hadn’t told the public the previous day.

  • blancaster

    DeVinner also keeps mentioning State by name, that they offered $6,000 to end his recruitment. He has also said that another school offered $60,000. He would not give the name of that school. Why is that? It seems like that school would need to be investigated as well.

    Every school in the country has rouge boosters. Why are these major programs not caught? The NCAA doesn’t want to catch them, and it shows. If you havent caught them, you havent looked hard enough. They should be investigating some of these schools much, much harder.

  • Devinner says he’s trying to clear his name, but smearing several others in the process. This guy is just looking for a little spotlight time. He’s also been photographed wearing TSUN apparel at some of this 7 on 7 events. Coincidence that he is barking so much about MSU and no one else.

  • Dorian3333

    DeVinner is hard to understand. What I THINK I am hearing from him is this…
    1) he shouldn’t be around kids looking for football scholarships because he can’t give good advice (i.e. Will Redmond) and two he likes to take freebies from boosters…hotel, food, etc. This is even if any of this is true
    2) He sure is loose and free with the MSU news. Now….he took all of these freebies withou questioning them. When interviewed he tries to sound as if he did not understand he was getting these things for free….yeah right. This man has been getting freebies his entire existence….that is why he is tagging along beside these kids. You think for a minute tht this guy has not stuck his hand out to every school in the country that has recruited players on his squad? Please. This guy is exactly what is wrong with the world of athletics. I would not be surprised at all if this guys story is completely slanted and that his involvement is more in the area of him hitting up school reps and boosters. He is trying to get ahead of the storm coming in the NCAA reports.

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