Blog Bag: Keep Bringing ‘Em

Man, y’all dropped tons of questions into the Blog Bag last week. Well done. Don’t know if you can keep up that kind of production, but you’re welcome to try.

Y’all know the drill: Leave your queries in the comments section below, and I will have the answers on Friday.

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  • Josh Smith

    Was the defensive game plan against Troy to play zone defense the entire game? Why did we not come out of the zone defense when Troy was marching up and down the field all night?
    Can we expect better half time adjustments from the coaches going forward? When you give up 300 yards of offense in the first half most people would assume you would not come out in the second half and run the same defense.
    How can zone defense be effective on 3rd and 5 when you are giving the receivers a 10 yard cushion?

    • The Dawg

      Usually LB’s have the flats in zone coverage. (Hence the 10 yard cushion) actually in most defensive schemes it is 8 yards. That is where you get the 18 missed assignments that coach Mullen talked a lot about. The balls that are getting to the middle of the field on deep passes are generally because the LB’s are not dropping deep enough. A zone has a lot of players needing to be in a lot of different places. Defense is not as easy to play as you arm chair QB’s think it is. U need 7 to 8 players to stop a good run play and about 6 to 7 to stop most good pass plays and you only get to line up with 11. So 1 or 2 bad reads at the snap and the defense is at a big disadvantage. So if you have 20 missed assignments and 20 missed tackles you give up 600 yards. That is why coaches harp on being mentally tough.

      • Josh Smith

        I fully understand what it takes to play defense and how every player is accountable for doing their job. I am not talking or complaining about the players. My question was why our coaches did not make any half time adjustments and why would you have a game plan to run the same defensive scheme the entire game.

        As a coach it is your job to put your players in the best possible position. Our defensive coaches failed us Saturday night luckily it was against a team that was severely over matched.

  • Bclark2206

    Whats the deal with the different formations when punting? Is it a keeping up with the Jones’s, or is there a method to the madness?

  • Trojandad

    Any changes proposed for home parking woes/ Or is that the price of success? Kinda sucks to pay $20 to park a mile(or more) away and have to walk.

  • CB

    I noticed that even early in the game against Troy, many of our starters on defense were not in the game at critical moments. I remember Troy’s first touchdown when they were inside the 10, Josh Boyd was not on the field. I understand the need to sub in players and keep fresh guys out there, but it seemed like they should have left our A list players out there longer, especially in goal line situations, to help get a lead that we could hold before playing some of the younger guys as much. Were the defensive players on that rotation by design because of the opponent, or is that what we should expect to see against the tougher SEC teams as well?

  • jaxdawg

    Are there any radio stations on the MSU network that are streaming the audio of football games online? I was able to find one station last year, but none so far this year.

    • kennymacbully

      I’ve been able to listen to games this year on my phone. I use a SHOUTcast Radio app and listen to V105.5 out of Vicksburg. May be others, but that is the first one I found.

      • jaxdawg

        Thanks for your responses. I have a “stupid” phone rather than a smart phone. Any ideas about computer / online places to listen?

    • I use the Tunein Radio App and listen to TheZone1059 out of Jackson

  • CottonDog21

    BL, knowing that it is still just thursday, I might be getting ahead of post practice interviews for today when asking this question.
    The several dropped passes in the Troy game have certainly been one of the most talked about topics since the win, by Coach Mullins, the players, and the Bulldog Faithful. You have once again provided a great selection of written and video discussions/interviews of players and Coach Mullins. Thank you again!
    Having said that, has Coach Brewster been vocal to your knowledge(interviews or statements) on the poor reciever performance in that game?
    If so, what was his take?
    If not, will he comment?
    In my opinion, we are very fortunate to have him on our staff, as it very obvious of the greatly improved performance of our recievers! He seems like he would be twisting some facemasks in practice this week.

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