Blog Bag: Where Nickelback Isn’t Welcome, but Questions About Them Are

Yo, it’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for y’all to hit me with your best questions. If the natural trend holds, they’ll all be about MSU football, but hey, I’m open to other subject matter. For instance: The similarities between Jason Aldean and Nickelback, in what ways they are of the same musical genre, and which “artist” should be more loathed.

So, drop your questions in the comments section below, and I’ll have answers for you on Friday, or possibly earlier, because I’ll be driving to Lexington that day, listening to real music.

I am the online content coordinator for I also co-host The Memo and Prep Rally podcasts and host the Newsbreak program. Previously at the Journal, I covered Mississippi State athletics (2008-13), high schools (2004-08), and was on the copy desk (2002-04).

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  • CB

    Is there any update on PJ Jones and when he may play this year?

  • Jess

    Mississippistate picked up a few baseball commits. What do they look like? Any info?

  • Do you have to be labled a “red shirt” all year to recieve the red shirt or do you just not have to play a certain amount of plays/games to receive a red shirt?

    • DawgInMemphis

      It’s my understanding that you can’t participate in a single play during the entire season in order to keep your “red shirt.”

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