Blog Bag: Hop to It, People

You might have noticed that I did not have a Blog Bag Answers entry last week. That’s because only one question was asked, and frankly, I couldn’t tell how serious it was. Asked something about winning the turnover battle meaning you win the game. I figured the answer was self-explanatory, plus I did that whole big Statshot entry on turnovers earlier this season.

That’s OK. Everyone is allowed a down week. So let’s get it going again this week with some good questions. Drop ’em in the comments section below, and I’ll bring you the answers on Friday.

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  • Martain

    Do you know of any football stats comparable to Sabermetrics? I love Sabermetrics in baseball, because it says a lot about how lucky players are getting, and whether or not guys’ levels of production sustainable. I realize baseball is a much much different sport, but I would love to find out if there is any sort of “luck indicator” for football to sort of gauge whether the success MSU is having this year is legit or luck (or possibly some of both).

  • Stankylegs

    Is it just me, or does it seem MSU plays a bit more conservatively on defense? I know much has been made about the type of “off coverage” we’ve played, but I’m talking more about the blitzes, shifts and alignments on the line and linebackers. It seems like State was more likely to take risks by blitzing from all over the field the last couple of years. Maybe that stands out more because they were making more plays behind the line. Thoughts?

  • Cobb

    Is smith’s knee going to be okay for the bama game? If so do you think he will play against mid tenn?

  • Garland

    My wife is jealous of Cam Lawrence’s hair. What hair products does he use?

  • dbutts

    Why haven’t we seen more of Jameon Lewis? Only a handful of touches in 6 games? He is a dangerous threat, albeit one that has a history of fumbling.

    What gives?

  • Dawgy Mob-Town

    Will State be able to Beat BAMA?? That’s what everyone wants to know!!

  • DawgInMemphis

    Now that M. Green and M. Johnson are both able to go, will we see a lot of two TE sets? I’m thinking a “two TE, Prescott at qb, goal line” kinda formation could be pretty advantageous, particularly after that wide open pass to MG last Saturday…

  • BML5184

    State has a pretty ridiculous turnover margin right now, which is kind of unusual… Do you think they can keep it up the rest of the season? Turnovers are skill-based, but a lot of it is luck as well (the runner wasn’t holding the ball securely, the fumble bounced toward a State player instead of someone from the other team, etc.).

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