Blog Bag: Same Drill

Hey, it’s time for the ye olde Blog Bag once again. You know the drill: Drop questions into the comments section below and I’ll have answers for you on Friday. go.

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  • Tyrodrick

    Brad, do you think Benardrick McKinney will be a first round draft choice by the end of his career? Thanks.

  • clay

    Is a win over a less ranked(but 7 point favorite) A & M a “signature win”?

  • gtchris

    I haven’t seen much comment on the fair catch interference call (and subsequent unsportsmanlike) in the Bama game. There used to be the old halo rule and the TV commentators mentioned a 1 yard rule but I thought those rules were done away with. I can’t recall seeing a penalty called when the receiver actually catches the ball. I have seen it called when the receiver muffs the catch. What is the actual rule and was that Mullen’s argument?

  • MidTennDog

    Brad, hope a basketball questions is ok. Read earlier this week that Tennessee and Georgia Tech recently held a “secret” scrimmage. The NCAA allows these but no one from the outside is allowed to watch nor can they discuss the stats or even the final score. Rumor is UT manhandled Ga Tech, though. Do you know if State has held one of these or if they will?

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