On the Links: Winning November; Russell’s Poise; A&M Hits Stride

This week’s game: No. 16 Texas A&M (6-2, 3-2 SEC) at No. 17 MSU (7-1, 3-1), Saturday, 11 a.m., ESPN (Brad NesslerTodd Blackledge and Holly Rowe)


Good morning people, and I say that even though it’s cold and I feel like sleeping for another 12 hours. But hey, it’s Tuesday, which means we’re one day closer to #SNOWBOWL2012 as they say on the Twitters. My coverage of said game is in full swing, so let us check out some linkage from today’s dead tree edition.

• My presser lede, as it’s called, focuses on MSU’s November schedule. It’s a doozy, what with A&M, then a trip to LSU, then an inscrutable Arkansas team and, finally, the Egg Bowl against Ole Miss in Oxford. No guaranteed wins there, although if I were you I’d feel pretty good about the last two games. My question: For MSU, will it be November Reign or November Pain?

• My presser notebook leads off with QB Tyler Russell, and if it seems like I write a lot about his poise in the pocket, it’s because he continues to display an uncanny ability to stay in there as long as humanly possible, even against Alabama’s defense, before delivering a bullet. I loved offensive line coach John Hevesy‘s line on Russell, and it bears repeating:

“I’ve seen a lot of quarterbacks take a dive, and Tyler has a set on him to throw the ball like he does at times,” said Hevesy, and I have no idea what sort of “set” he was referring to, do you? Those crazy O-line coaches, man.

• Let’s check in on the Aggies this morning: They’re riding high behind Johnny [Football] Manziel, who just keeps getting better and better. … Texas done got gigged. … Hey, Jackie Sherrill reviews the Aggies’ big win over Auburn. I wonder who he’s pulling for this week. Think I’ll have to give Jackie a call to ask.

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