Blog Bag: Hey Go Vote Then Ask Questions or Vice-Versa

Hey man don’t forget to go vote because obviously you woulda forgotten if not for the 5 million people on Twitter and Facebook reminding you to do so. After you do that – or before – please drop in your questions for this week’s Blog Bag. I shall return on Friday with some answers.

BTW, this little entry needs to be spiced up, no? Think I’ll post a humorous video each week, one which may be related to something – like today’s elections – or which may be apropos of nothing. Might wanna watch this video before you vote, especially if you’re white.


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  • Blake

    I’d love to hear Mullen’s take on why he escorted the team off the field without singing the alma mater. As far as I know that’s the first time they haven’t sung since Mullen has been coach. It just seemed a little disrespectful to the fans who were still there

  • TrueMaroon

    Good question, Blake. I’d be curious about that answer, but I assume it was done either b/c (a) he didn’t want to disrespect the fans who stayed and watched that pitiful effort, or (b) he was ticked off that so many left.

  • TrueMaroon

    Is there now “the curse of Rick Stansbury”?

  • TrueMaroon

    Who has made the most off-season progress on the baseball team, especially on the pitching staff? Will the overall expectations be reasonable for the 2013 squad?

  • TrueMaroon

    Last question: Is Ann Coulter the most annoying white woman in America?

  • ben

    Can you who are around Coach Mullen seeing any attitude changes after two tough losses?

  • Blake I

    How many more years are we going to keep Les Koenning as our OC? He needs to be fired ASAP!!! He calls the same play over and over again and if a draw play up the middle doesn’t work the first 3 times then it’s not going to work the 30th time.

    • Archaeo

      Sounds like you have been around Ole Miss fans to long because thats what we all were saying the last couple of years.

      Seems to me the biggest difference I have seen is the lack of fire with this team. In years past the opposing teams would have to weather the storm of a fiery MSU Defense for at least the first quarter. This year even in wins that fire just hasn’t seemed to be there. Even the Offense just seems to be going “through the motions”. There may be more to it but you can tell the energy just doesn’t seem to be there this year.

  • MabenMaroon

    On the white woman question, would that be living or deceased if discussing folks in the political arena; other candidates would have to include Bella Abzug and Anne Richards ( both deceased ); living, you would have to include Nancy Pelozi. Non-political would have to include Roseanne Barr, Madonna, Ellen Degeneres, and of course Barbara WahWah…..

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