Blog Bag: All Questions Welcome, Even Dumb Ones

The Blog Bag is back for another week of your incisive questions, although I’ll happily answer dumb questions, too. Unless they’re really, really dumb. Well, might answer them anyway, because I have more patience thanĀ Alex Trebek. So please submit your questions in the form … of a question. Yeah, just watch the video.


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  • Buck Hatley

    Brad, what do you think about MSU getting a commitment from a freshman? Ridiculous?even worth it?

  • Amazing_Spider_Man

    Is it unreasonable for us as MSU fans to want a change at DC or OC?

  • MSU Fan in Cincy

    I have been looking at the men’s national basketball top 100 prospects and none are listed as coming to MSU. What do you see on the horizon for quality basketball players playing for MSU under our new coaching staff? I have heard many State fans say “get rid of Stansbury” as he is holding us back BUT the guy was an incredible recruiter. We saw very little let down in the quality of our teams from Richard Williams to Stansbury. I can’t imagine State fans putting up with poor quality recruits and poor basketball for very long.

  • Robby Dobby

    If all the beat writer that hang around Starkville on a regular basis put a flag football teams together, what position would you play?

  • MabenMaroon

    Anything circulating, rumors, bird tweets, etc. about any early period signings in basketball? Is there anybody of note being rumored for the spring signing period?

  • campshelbydog

    Can you ask CDM if he thinks our struggles against Arkansas have any relation to playing the Egg Bowl the week after every year?

  • Brad’s Admirer

    Please ask CDM: If all the kickers and punters on the team broke their legs warming up, what non-kicker would you turn to punt and kick field goals?

  • CB

    What is Dan’s realistic expectation for the opponent’s starting field position on a kickoff? To me inside the 20 would be the goal each kickoff, but we rarely hit that mark. I know he has to be disappointed in the kick coverage.

  • Wes

    Any news to report on the potential recruiting violations commited by Mirando? Haven’t heard anything in a long time.

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