Blog Bag: Late, but It’s Back

Hey, I know this is late. My bad. But at least we have a Blog Bag this week, unlike last week, when all the Egg Bowl/Thanksgiving craziness kind of left this little feature out in the cold. But it’s back, and so you can drop your questions in the comments section below. I’ll have answers on Friday-ish. By the way, we won’t be talking to any football people this week, so bear that in mind.

Fire away.

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  • Are there any chances of some coaching staff changes on the State football staff this year? What has Mullen said or has he said anything to explain the fact that he can’t win against winning teams, ranked teams, or his lack of success in big games?

  • StateFan

    LP has shown his inability to run between the tackles against our better opponents why wont dan give griffin more touches between the tackles

  • DawgInMemphis

    Will we run a screen pass next year? What’s the status of T. Smith’s request for another year of eligibility? How is John Banks’ knee? How have the d-linemen from our most recent recruiting class progressed throughout the season? Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? And Waldo?

    Thanks Brad!

  • OldDog58

    What’s the deal with so many BB turnovers this year? I think Alcorn had less than MSU did. Had the same problem at Maui.

  • BML51

    What happened to Joe Morrow this year? He finished the year with a measly five receptions, and one or two mind-numbing drops that I can recall.

  • TrueMaroon

    Do you still think Chris Wilson will become a head coach?


    Recommendations for coaching changes:

    OC – Jim Chaney, the ex Tenn OC

    DC – Ellis Johnson, the So. Miss ex HC

    These guys have a lot to offer. Any interest?

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