Blog Bag: Rockin’ the Beard and Taking Questions

Rockin’ the beard, but yeah, I need to shave. (Photo by me)

Anyway, I figure we oughta do this Blog Bag thing. I failed to answer questions last week; but then, there was only one real question that hadn’t already been answered elsewhere. It had to do with MSU football assistant coaches being targeted for other openings. My answer to that: I’ve heard nothing substantial, but the hiring season is far from over. A lot of new head coaches are still trying to fill their staffs, and there are still some schools looking for head coaches.

Another reader asked if I’m still rockin’ the beard. Not a full beard, but yes, my chin is well covered, and I’m working on about a week’s worth of scruff. Time for my weekly shave, I guess.

If you have any questions for me this week, get ’em in. Since next week will be nutso what with Christmas and travel, this will be the final Blog Bag of 2012. So make it count.

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  • I think I scared everyone away with my picture.

  • BML84

    Couple draft-related questions for you:

    Any hunches on what juniors may enter the draft? From what I’m reading, it kinda sounds like Gabe Jackson may be going.

    Also, it looks like Jonathan Banks will be a first rounder, making it 3 years in a row that State has had a first-round choice. Any possible breakout players for the 2013 season that could make it 4 first-rounders in a row in the 2014 draft? I know that’s looking ahead pretty far.

  • Neil Street

    I know you’ve already answered a question about rumors regarding our coordinators, so I’ll get creative: What are the odds we have some coordinator change in the offseason, especially if we lose the bowl game? If we come out flat and get destroyed in the bowl game then that falls 100% on the coaches and I’d think changes have to be made.

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