Video: Ray, Thomas Talk Missouri, Discipline

Rick Ray held his weekly press conference today, and I’ve got both video and some excerpts for you here. You can also watch freshman guard Fred Thomas talk.

First, the Ray video, followed by some further excerpts.

Disappointing when you have to suspend a leader (Jalen Steele) amid a losing streak?

More than anything we’re already in a situation where we have a short rotation and anything you do outside of the program that’s going to be a distraction, first and foremost, that’s bad. Second of all, it’s a selfish act. Now you’re taking away a chance for guys to go out and compete and win because you’ve shorten the rotation. I think more than anything you’re screwing your team and you’re screwing your teammates when you get into trouble like that.

On Missouri PG Phil Pressey:

Trivante (Bloodman) will get the first assignment on him and he’ll probably play him the predominant amount of time he’s in but we’ll have different guys on him like Tyson (Cunningham) and Chicken (Craig Sword). And then Baxter Price will get some reps on him as well, too, because he does a good job picking up the ball fullcourt. With Phil Pressey it’s not a one-man defense.

Missouri’s road struggles, what’s the deal:

I don’t know the answer to that. It’s some obvious things, like they don’t shoot the ball as well, they turn the ball over, they’re not as good defensively. But can you pinpoint the reasons why? I think everybody knows what happens, but the reason why it happens is the key answer, and I don’t know the answer to that. Just for the most part, you look at Arkansas. Arkansas goes and destroys Florida at home then goes and loses by 18 I believe to Vanderbilt. Some of that’s just a by-product of being at home and on the road.

On walk-on Baxter Price, who logged a career-high 16 minutes at Florida:

You’re talking about a kid who goes in and is playing at No. 2 Florida in a hostile environment that hasn’t played very much, and just goes out there and does what he’s supposed to do. There’s a very good chance you could put him out there in that environment and he just throws up. But he didn’t do that. He went out there and got some good things done, and I was really proud of him and happy for him.

And here’s Thomas.

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