FINAL: Missouri 78, MSU 36

Recapping MSU’s 78-36 loss to Missouri at Humphrey Coliseum on Wednesday night.


• The buzz: MSU suffered its worst loss in the 38-year history of Humphrey Coliseum, eclipsing a 41-point setback suffered against Vanderbilt in 1993. The Bulldogs (7-16, 2-9 SEC) have lost nine in a row. Missouri (18-6, 7-4) won its first road game of the season in six tries.

• Turning point: Both teams struggled to score early, but Missouri finally got hot and opened up leads of 14-0 and 23-4. It was 34-10 at the half.

• MVP: Point guard Trivante Bloodman scored a career-high 13 points on 4-of-7 shooting. He’s hit double digits in scoring in three of the last four games.

• Missouri leaders: Keion Bell 24 points (10-16 FGs, 2-4 3FGs, 2-3 FTs), 5 rebounds; Jabari Brown 20 points (7-11 FGs, 3-6 3FGs, 3-4 FTs); Laurence Bowers 11 points (5-9 FGs, 1-1 3FGs, 0-1 FTs); Alex Oriakhi 10 rebounds, 3 blocks.

• MSU leaders: Bloodman 13 points (4-7 FGs, 1-3 3FGs, 4-6 FTs), 3 steals; Gavin Ware 7 points (3-7 FGs, 1-3 FTs), 5 rebounds.

• Key stats: Mizzou shot 53.4 percent overall, 45.0 percent from 3-point range. … MSU shot 23.9 percent overall, 15.8 percent from 3-point range. … Missouri out-rebounded State 46-25. … The Tigers scored 40 points in the paint to MSU’s 14. … MSU had 15 turnovers and three assists. … State missed its first 11 shots and shot 16 percent in the first half.

• Highlight reel: MSU didn’t really have any highlights, but Mizzou did. One of them was Bell’s open-floor 360 slam to give the Tigers a 63-26 lead.

• Quotable: “To be quite frank, this is an embarrassing loss, when you go out and you’re totally inept offensively.” – MSU coach Rick Ray

• Bottom line: This is a low point for MSU, and it doesn’t promise to get any better. Jalen Steele remains suspended, and Ray said he had “no idea” if the junior guard would be back Saturday. The key for MSU now is to find motivation to finish out the string.

• Up next: MSU visits LSU on Saturday (4 p.m., ESPNU).

I am the online content coordinator for I also co-host The Memo and Prep Rally podcasts and host the Newsbreak program. Previously at the Journal, I covered Mississippi State athletics (2008-13), high schools (2004-08), and was on the copy desk (2002-04).

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  • ethanoldawg

    unfortunally no throwing in the towel. I trust the young men have not called it a season.

  • CooperDawg


    Was that you that asked that asinine “worst loss in Humphrey Coliseum? 36 POINTS?” question?

    • ReddInxx

      Questions have to be asked, even bad ones. But no reason to ask that to a kid. Reporters seem to forget they have children themselves and treat other people’s kids as fair game

    • Yeah, I asked it, and made sure I gave it context, too. It was an appropriate question. This is big-boy basketball. And Gavin gave a good answer.

      • CooperDawg

        Fcxk that, man. I’ve been watching State press conferences for years and that crossed the line. Not just the words, but also your tone of voice. Condescending and without any journalistic necessity, this is the first time I’ve ever taken umbrage at something you or any State beatwriter in the past decade has asked a player. It was an 4$$hõle thing to ask and given the comments on the Clarion Ledger* boards and such, everyone agrees with me.

        “Is this a low point?” you ask…. “Worst loss ever” are your next words. Pretty obvious, isn’t it? You asked and answered your own question, and it only serves as a shaming device for these TRUE FRESHMEN who, despite “only 36 points,” still didn’t look like they gave up at any point during the game, and with very few exceptions have not in any of the beatings we’ve taken this year.

        “Big boy basketball”? On almost any other team you’d be interviewing seniors and juniors, not true freshmen thrown into the hardest situation in Div IA this year. It was blatantly unnecessary and unprofessional. And yes, I admire Gavin giving a very Gregg Ellis-approved answer. This is what he should have done (SFW, truthfully):

        * BTW, you ever wonder why the CL has a ton more site traffic than you do?

        • Rureddie31

          Apparently, Brad’s not great at reading between the lines. Did you see the glare Gavin had towards Locke after the question was asked? He clearly was taken aback by the insulting question, and he did a nice job putting good thoughts together to compose a nice answer. Good luck getting on Ware’s good side over the next 3 years, Locke. Dear gosh, Brad, I don’t know how you justify that question. There is no answer you’re going to get other than agreement with your “low point” commentary. I’m not sure when Big Boy basketball equals having salt poured into wounds by the team’s reporter. But, you have to see these guys almost every day, not me.

        • I missed the part where I’m supposed to give a damn whether anyone agrees with my interviewing methods. I asked the question matter-of-factly, giving it context to those who watched the video. And it was a good question. End of story.

          • CooperDawg

            Wait, you missed the part where you’re supposed to care what your readers think? NO WONDER this place is usually a ghost town. Your shïtty question is the only action this place has seen in months. What does it tell you the only time folks bother engaging here is when you’ve stuck your own head up your åss?

            How is print journalism faring these days? I’m sure you have readership to spare and I’m sure your editors LOVE it when a “reporter” goes off about “not caring” about his readers, after publicly embarrassing himself by trying to sensationally shame an EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD KID for only giving a no-quit effort on the court. I’m sure your mother is quite proud of you.

            I asked if you wonder why the Clarion Ledger gets a ton more traffic than your pitiful djournal blog (though it isn’t just the CL, it’s most places that report State athletics news)…. Your writing sucks, Brad, and pretty much always has. State fans I know think your writing is stilted and tedious; with clumsy, unnatural phrasing and the pungent whiff of desperately-trying-so-hard-to-be-edgy-and-cool-but-failing-miserably. Rick Cleveland’s bowel movements have better consistency than anything you’ve ever written. So next time you’re sitting in a postgame, look over at Marcello, and know that’s what it looks like to actually have talent.

          • Rureddie31

            Real professional, Locke. A regional publication in a rural area seems to be your ceiling. I can also give context to, and ask questions matter-of-factly, such as: “Do you suck at life?” Now, I’m not sure how much value that question adds to an interview, but you don’t seem concerned with garnering worthwhile information for the reader/listener.

      • MabenMaroon

        By the same token, this is supposed to be “Big Boy” journalism, not sensationalism and drawing attention to yourself as writer.

  • wolfebro

    Think we’ll have enough players left to play a game by the end of the season? Kicking players off the team is not discipline. Discipline is training. you can’t train someone who’s not there. Immature coach.

    • pmack59

      Ignorant comment. He kicked 2 players off because of failed drug tests, and Jaleen got disciplined for missing class. Immature statement!

  • CooperDawg

    Come on, Brad. Own up to asking that bullshït question. If you didn’t, just let us know.

  • wolfebro

    Maybe I am ignorant. I’m not all knowing. Are we at MSU a family. Do we bring only perfect kids in to be part of it. If you break the rules do you get the death penalty. Are we an institution of learning. Shouldn’t we be teaching these kids, training them, counseling them. Would you kick your kid out of your house and tell him never to return if he failed a drug test. Maybe I am immature but i live in the real world and I deal with problems not kick them away.

  • DestinDawg

    Quite frankly, none of this happens without the worst coaching hire in my history of following MSU basketball over the last 40 years. IF anyone is to be blamed, it is Strickland.

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