Videos: Ware, Thomas Expect to Learn from Losing

Hey, we caught up with Gavin Ware and Fred Thomas today at the weekly press conference. I’ve got two videos: One of just Ware, and then one with both guys after Thomas entered the room later on.

Plenty of talk about MSU’s current situation, among other things. Enjoy.

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  • hapless

    Stans may not have been the ultimate in head coaches, but he is standing pretty tall right now. What a mess!

    • MidTennDog

      Stans needed to go. I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel… maybe still fairly mediocre next year, but after that… I think Ray can get State to the Sweet 16 and beyond… something Stansbury NEVER did.

      • hapless

        MTD, your optimism is remarkable. Please share the basis for this prediction. As I see it, I have about the same chance of finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as State has making it to the sweet 16 in the next five years. While I would love to see your dream come to past, I fail to see any strong evidence to support it.

        • MidTennDog

          Hapless… below is something I posted two months ago on this site. So far, I’m spot on. Sometimes, it’s not about facts or evidence but on the “gut” of watching basketball for over twenty years and paying attention. State has EIGHT players on their roster right now and several of these were never anticipated as being anything but benchwarmers when they came here. He does more with less but even that can’t overcome the physical restraints of his depleted roster. We don’t know why Steele and Johnson were suspended… maybe it was necessary and maybe it wasn’t. I’m pretty sure Stansbury wouldn’t have suspended them if it was something he could have kept quiet. Ray will still have to recruit well for State to get to the Sweet 16 and beyond.
          As an assistant, he helped get Purdue there twice. Two years at Clemson, they went to the Big Dance both years and the 2nd round last year. They will not make it this year without him. That’s the only evidence I have right now but I think it’s fairly strong.

          MidTennDog•2 months ago

          I think it’s impressive what he’s accomplished so far. I don’t see State winning more than an SEC game or two due to lack of depth and fatigue that will set in as the year progresses… but I’m eager to see this guy with a fully loaded roster. Hope he can get one over the next year or two. Have any big recruits committed for next season?

          • hapless

            MTD-Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I give little credit for riding the coat tails of successful head coaches. A real good assistant coach may flop as a head coach. I’m not grading coach Ray yet, but I have not been convinced that he has what it takes to be successful at State. Going from the bottom of the SEC to the elite levels in three years is a formidable task if not impossible. If he proves to be a good head coach, he will have a difficult time just matching Stansbury’s record. If he proves to be an exceptional head coach, it will be years before the program becomes a contender at the national level. First, he must produce a team that has a winning SEC record, then, one that is a contender for the SEC championship followed by one that wins at a level to make the big dance. I hate to burst your bubble, but that aint gonna happen in three years. Great head coaches would be severely challenged to build a highly successful program at State. This is what I have observed in well over twenty years of following State basketball.

  • MidTennDog

    Saw an article this morning about SEC average home attendance from last year and this year. State’s understandably dropped from last year… seeing how they are dead last in the conference. However, it is STILL better than Ole Miss’ and they are in 4th place!

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