Video: Ray Talks About Ole Miss Win, Borchert’s Play

Basketball coach Rick Ray addressed the ink-stained wretches this morning at Humphrey Coliseum. His Bulldogs (8-20, 3-13 SEC) are playing at South Carolina on Wednesday and will try to get a winning streak going.

I’ve got some video of Ray below, and there are some more excerpts below.

Attitude of team after Ole Miss win:

“Obviously our guys are happy and ecstatic. Not only did they get a win. Losing 13 straight ball games for these kids has been hard on them and then to finally get a win and get it against your in-state rival has been good for them. I want them to enjoy the win but I don’t want them to revel in it. We have to move past it and that’s part of the reason I had the early practices – for recruiting purposes. And another way to just wake them up and make them come in. Hey, let’s get right back to work and figure out a way to beat South Carolina.”

What do you with Fred Thomas to keep his confidence up in the midst of a shooting slump?

“The thing that concerns me is, at the beginning, Fred was taking some ill-advised, bad, contested threes. Now he’s gotten to the point where he’s not taking bad shots.  The shots he’s getting at the 3-point line are really quality rooms. You want him to have some success and knock those shots down. I don’t know what’s going to bring him out of that slump. Is it having some success driving the basketball, knocking a ball loose in a 1-3-1 defense and going and laying in to get his confidence up, or just simply hitting a three?”

On the psychology of this team and what you can do to make sure there’s positive carry over:

“I think we’ve got the biggest teacher of all. We can just look at what we did, going out and winning against South Carolina and Georgia and then going and losing 13 straight. If they can’t learn from that, about what can happen when you experience success in the SEC and how to move forward from that, I think the biggest teacher we have in this situation is ourselves and the fact that we went out and won those two games and then lost 13 straight.”

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