Spring Practice: Bulldogs Put on the Pads (w/Mullen, Johnson, Love Videos)


MSU put on the pads for the first time this spring, and installation work continued during the third of 15 scheduled practices. The players, as you can imagine, were quite happy to don the gear and start popping each other.

“It felt good to be back in the groove of things,” receiver Robert Johnson said. “Dealt with a little fatigue at the end, but it was all good.”

The Bulldogs spent much of practice at the far end of the field, a good 100 yards from where the media contingent was stationed. So there isn’t a whole lot I can tell you – and again, it’s installation work. I can say that during skeleton drills I saw Michael Carr make catches on a couple of well-run inside routes, tight end Artimas Samuel made a diving grab, and Jamerson Love had an interception.

Coach Dan Mullen continued to mix and match personnel.

“One tough thing in spring is a lot of times you end up whole substitution,” Mullen said. “But when you’re in a game situation you don’t whole substitute, so guys have got to play with other guys, and they’ve got to be used to different numbers of guys around them. By doing that, it allows you to kind of get more comfortable with everybody on the team.”

Quarterback Tyler Russell was in action after being ill yesterday, which is when this practice was originally scheduled. Like the weather, Russell was improved today.

“He’s still a little under the weather,” said Mullen. “He understands that’s part of being the starting quarterback. You’re never always going to feel great. He did good. A couple of new things we’re looking at and trying.”

MSU will return to the practice fields at 11 a.m. Friday. Mullen said the Bulldogs will do some red zone work, but otherwise no real scrimmaging is planned.

I have a couple more post-practice videos below.



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