Blog Bag: Back for More

Hey, the Blog Bag went so well last week, I thought I’d do it again this week. Two weeks in a row. I know, right?

So, leave your questions below, and I’ll have your answers around Friday. Thanks for your participation.

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  • State66

    How good will the offensive line be since reports are they are under performing so far in the spring

  • With all of the problems we saw in the defense last season especially at the end, particularly against the run and getting beat deep,a lot of that had to do with communication problems in the secondary but a lack of pressure gave QBs much more time to throw and WRs more time to get open. Hopefully we’ll not only get pressure off the edge but in the interior also to help stop the run, makes the linebackers and the rest of the defense that much better. So my question is, is the defensive line focusing on being much stronger this season? Will Nick James and Quay play a significant role?

  • BML51

    Was there any word on the Egg Bowl on Thanksgiving for future seasons, or is it a sort of wait-and-see with how this year’s goes, ratings-wise?

  • Memphis Bully

    Who is behind the latest recruiting messages, namely the can of swag and “you’re a baller” messages?

  • Memphis Bully

    What is the injury status of the basketball team members? Knees all better?

  • Memphis Bully

    Do coaches routinely prepare football players for draft-related exercises during their college career? I.e. did Banks know he was not running great 40 times over the years?

  • Memphis Bully

    How is cord sandberg doing in baseball this spring? Any sign he isn’t wowing scouts? Also, has anyone ever played both football & baseball @ MSU?

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