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With spring football and Super Bulldog Weekend in the rearview mirror, things are going to slow down a bit, in theory. So y’all can help keep me busy by asking questions for this week’s Blog Bag. Just drop your queries in the comments section, and I’ll try to have answers by Friday.


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  • State66

    Has Will Redmond been cleared by the NCAA yet. Will we ever hear back from that?

  • State66

    In your opinion does MSU have what it takes to win the college world series from what youve seen up to this point?

  • I didn’t get to watch the spring game, but i like what ive heard about the offense’s of both squads. Was the offense just making great plays, or did the defense really do that bad? 700+ yards isn’t a good sign

  • Memphis Bully

    What happened to Evan Mitchell? Should we expect Pollorena to keep the Friday job till tournament time? Will Holder keep closing or could he possibly start?

  • MabenMaroon

    What is up with Darryl Norris, thought going into the season that he was going to be the man at third base. Has he been hurt or has he been just out competed?

  • Lonnie Smart

    Will the o-line allow Russell time to find the young receivers without getting injured and will the d-line pressure enough to help our young secondary?

  • ezfreeze


    If you could only pick one guy on each side of the ball, who do you think will be the outstanding player on the offense and defense this season?

  • Memphis Bully

    What is the staus of Michael Carr? Has he practiced this spring?

  • Memphis Bully

    Of the baseball signees, who is most likely to sign a professional contract instead of attending MSU? Am I correct in believing that Cohen does a good job of signing guys who are likely to end up on campus?

  • CB

    Has Tobias Smith made a decision yet about coming back next year? Is there an expected timeline?

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