Video Tour of MSU’s Seal Football Complex

A bird's-eye view of MSU's new strength and conditioning room. (Photo by Brad Locke)

A bird’s-eye view of MSU’s new strength and conditioning room. (Photo by Brad Locke)

The numbers alone make Mississippi State’s Leo Seal Jr. Football Complex sound like an impressive place. It’s an 80,000-square-foot facility that costs about $25 million, and among its many features is a 12,237-square-foot strength and conditioning center. This morning, the media were given a tour of the complex, and yeah – it’s an impressive place.

I’ve been inside it several times since its completion a few months ago, but this was the first thorough look I or other local media had, so I took some video, which you can view below. Two words came to mind as we worked our way through the labyrinthine facility: symmetry and immigration. Our guide, football media relations director Joe Galbraith, did a good job of showing us how those two concepts make the Seal Complex a very functional facility, with seemingly no detail forgotten.

The tour begins in a banquet hall and winds its way through the cardio room, the giant team meeting room (auditorium, really), the conference staff room, the video room, head coach Dan Mullen‘s office, and the corridor of assistant coaches’ offices (say hi to John Hevesy). And that’s just the main floor.

Downstairs, we saw the players’ locker room, the equipment room, the sports medicine complex, and the aforementioned strength and conditioning center. As you’ll hear Joe explain, the racks with all the stuff hanging from them – including large chains – were specifically designed and outfitted to fit the needs of strength and conditioning coach Matt Balis, who seems to be familiar with medieval torture methods.

So anyway, here’s the video now showing highlights of the tour, in which we also learn that David Brandt wants to blow up Pakistan (not really) and the grad assistants do nothing but sit around watching “Anchorman” clips (not really … OK, maybe). Also, Mullen likes white chairs. Lots of white chairs.


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