Bumphis, Cox named in Yahoo! Sports story for accepting benefits

Former Tupelo standout Chad Bumphis was named in a Yahoo! Sports story for allegedly receiving improper benefits. (AP Photo/ Rogelio V. Solis)

Former Tupelo standout Chad Bumphis was named in a Yahoo! Sports story for allegedly receiving improper benefits. (AP Photo/ Rogelio V. Solis)

Former Mississippi State football players Chad Bumphis and Fletcher Cox were both named in a Yahoo! Sports story by Rand Getlin and Charles Robinson.

According to the story, former Alabama defensive end Luther Davis purchased airfare tickets totaling $1,259.50 from Birmingham, Ala., to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., for Bumphis, Cox, Johnthan Banks and Josh Boyd on Dec. 23, 2011. Only Bumphis and Cox took the flight from Jan. 3-6, 2012. The story alleges that Davis was working as “an intermediary between several high-profile college football stars and multiple NFL agents and financial advisers”.

Also mentioned in the story was a “printed recruiting itinerary” among Davis’ records. Davis, along with three others tied to NFL talent representation, took a private flight that stopped in Starkville on July 3, 2012. The itinerary included  notes that read “Meeting at Little Dooey BBQ,” and listed a courtesy car for Banks, Boyd and Bumphis.

Davis confirmed in the story that Boyd and Bumphis both attended the meeting at Little Dooey that day.



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  • REB

    A fitting story and a certain MI$$ $TATE troal CR who is always having something to say about how Ole Miss is cheating. The only one caught cheating is MI$$ $TATE and now a another scandal.

    • Wesley Grissom

      This hasn’t been proven yet. Even if it is it doesn’t mean that the Ole Mi$$ Black Bear$ aren’t guilty of what they are being investigated for.

  • Cid Riley

    The whole conference is cheating at will. This involves an agent, Bama, Tenn and MSU. Next will be Sharkfins and Florida, So Car and Auburn. Now we know how the SEC has won 7 in a row.

  • REB

    Nothing on Ole Miss but pure jealously, pure and simple. The more the fingers try to point at Ole Miss the more that piles up on $TATE.

    • Wesley Grissom

      What does anybody have to be jealous of the Black Bears for? Geez you guys win one Egg Bowl and beat Vandy and you’d think you won the national title.

  • pdreb

    Cox is a starter in the NFL, Bumphis is not even in the NFL. Tempest in a teapot but their dumb action has put MSU on the hook. Remember Reggie Bush and what happened at SoCal?

    Forget that crap though and concentrate on Saturday. Looks like a very close game. Las Vegas has Auburn up by 6. Can that slow defense that got shredded on the ground by Ok St stop Malzahn’s “read” offense? Can Mullen’s offense create any first downs and TDs which they failed to do on August 31? That game in Starkville last Saturday tells us nothing but it’s gonna be fun seeing what Mullen has put together for SEC play. Is it good or bad? Can’t wait to find out.

    • Wesley Grissom

      The NCAA came down on USC hard because of who Bush was. They said a high profile player like Bush needed high profile enforcement. Cox and Bumphis were not high profile players outside of Mississippi. Besides if they nail State and Tennessee then they have to nail Bama and take away at least one national championship and I don’t see them doing that to the Saban the golden boy.

      I think they have a few wrinkles for SEC play. Most coaches won’t tip their full hand prior to their first conference game. I don’ t think the defense is that slow they weren’t doing a good job of staying in their lanes and keeping contain on the read option. Going to be a fun game thats for sure.

  • longfellow51

    The Indianapolis Colts have lost starting running back Vick Ballard for the rest of the season with a torn ACL in his right knee.

  • pdreb

    Horrible news on Ballard.

  • pdreb

    Wesley, Cox/Bumphis is small potatoes compared to Bush. It’s just in the same category.

    Have to disagree on the State defense. Those guys are not SEC speed. Autrey and Eulls showed that against Oklahoma State when Walsh went outside and made those big runs. That fresh secondary is a little lost right now as well. It will take a few more games for those guys to play well and together. Still Auburn and State will be a tight game as Malzahn is still trying to find out who wants to play.

    Off subject bur after watching SEC football the first two weeks, LSU has a better team than Alabama in my view.

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