SEC Media Days: Vic Schaefer


Mississippi State University

Head Women’s Basketball Coach Vic Schaefer

On being a “Dark Horse”…

I don’t think we’re a “Dark Horse”, depends on what “Dark Horse” is but I think we’re going to be better and our skill set is a lot better. I think we will be competitive and that’s because of the new players we have and because of the returners we have and the competitiveness we’ve had to teach them during the course of last year. “Dark Horse”, I don’t know? I don’t think anyone will overlook us. I think we will have the respect of everyone in the league because of some of the success we had last year within the league. That being said, I think the results have yet to come.

On Martha Alwal…

She and I have talked about this. I would love to see her going from 11-10 to 16-12, but I don’t think people realize how hard it is to do that. She had 11-10 for 16 games last year and 16 double-doubles and 10 in the SEC, which by the way happens to be the biggest and baddest conference in the country; now you’re going to ask her to go from 11-10 to 16-12, 11-10 is hard. I think she can go to another level, her frame has tremendously improved. Our strengthening coach has done a tremendous job with her and her frames changed. Her frame is built to do it, now it’s a matter of going out and making it happen and that’s sometimes easier said than done. It’s easy to talk-the-talk, but you have to walk-the-walk. For her we’re waiting to see if she can walk-the-walk.

On matchup between Martha Alwal and Chenwe Okorie…

There are days where Martha doesn’t want anything to do with Chenwe. Chenwe’s upside is that she’s out of site. With Martha her challenge is that she has a kid that she can go against every day and if she can go against her and score and develop then you can go against anyone in the country.

On leadership…

Savannah Carter is a JUCO player from Trinity Valley and won a national championship there. She has really tried to bring leadership skills and she is also my class clown. Savannah has such a great personality, as all my players do. Jerica James from Little Rock is trying to lead in some difficult situations when it gets hard in practice and people can’t make their times in practice. You would like your best players to be your leaders if at all possible and sometimes that’s a challenge. You have to step outside and be uncomfortable sometimes. I’ve got a saying in my career sometimes, “You have to get uncomfortable to reach your full potential” so that’s where we are right now with a couple of our young ladies.

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