Live from Rupp Arena

Rupp Arena

Rupp Arena

It’s been a long day of travel from Starkville to Birmingham to Charlotte to Lexington but I’ve arrived courtside at Rupp Arena for the first time for Mississippi State’s SEC opener against Kentucky. The Bulldogs were beat 85-55 in this building last year so they’ll be looking to reverse their fortunes tonight. This game will be televised on SEC TV which┬áis on MyMS in the Tupelo market as I understand it. I’ll be back in Starkville late tomorrow evening via Detroit unless Ashley Judd falls madly in love with me tonight.

It looks like I’m the only MSU media outlet here other than Jim Ellis and Bart Gregory so stay tuned throughout the evening for updates. The Bulldogs have not arrived at the arena yet.

MSU has arrived for pregame shoot around.

UK’s basically got a dunk contest going on in pregame. There’s a lot of athleticism that’s wearing blue tonight.

There will be a monster truck event held here soon. Need stuff like that at the Hump.

Lots of folks asking me the whereabouts of Scott Stricklin and singing his praises up here. Not surprised though. Scott’s a good dude.

Starting lineups:

Mississippi State: 10-3

1- Fred Thomas, G, 6-5, 206, So.

3- Colin Borchert, F, 6-8, 231, Sr.

15- I.J. Ready, G, 5-11, 170, Fr.

20- Gavin Ware, F, 6-9, 268, So.

32- Craig Sword, G, 6-3, 194, So.

Kentucky: 10-3

1- James Young, G/F, 6-6, 215, Fr.

2- Aaron Harrison, G, 6-6, 218, Fr.

5- Andrew Harrison, G, 6-6, 215, Fr.

15- Willie Cauley-Stein, F, 7-0, 244, So.

30- Julius Randle, F, 6-9, 250, Fr.

Borchert buries a 3-pointer on the Bulldogs first trip down the floor.

MSU begins on a 5-1 run early on.

Borchert with another trey, Bulldogs up 8-2.

16:31 10-2 MSU Borchert 6 points

15:23 12-2 MSU Borchert 6 points

UK hits its first field goal with 15:08 on the clock.

Jacoby Davis working in the backcourt with Trivante Bloodman.

Ware picks up his second foul at the 12:41 mark.

11:58 18-8 MSU Borchert 6, Sword 6

Sword down on the floor but is able to jog off.

10:09 18-14 MSU Borchert 6, Sword 6, Young 6

Borchert joins Ware in the two foul club. UK is outrebounding MSU 20-10.

7:25 20-20 Young 8 points

UK takes its first lead on a pair of free throws with 7:25 left in the first half.

4:36 26-26 Young 10 points

Johnson with a nasty dunk but receives a hard foul in the process. Johnson stayed down for a bit but popped up and received a round of applause from the crowd here at Rupp. Aaron Harrison receives a flagrant 1 on that play.

Double technical fouls issued to Cauley-Stein and Johnson. They exchanged some pleasantries.

Bloodman hits a layup at the buzzer.


Key halftime stats:

FG% MSU 44; UK 37

3PT% MSU 33; UK 14

FT% MSU 100; UK 64

Rebounds: MSU 17; UK 25

Turnovers: MSU 7; UK 8

Pts off TO’s: MSU 6; UK 8

2nd chance: MSU 7; UK 11

Bench points: MSU 20; UK 6

Fast break: MSU 10; UK 2

Individual scoring: MSU – Craig Sword 12, Colin Borchert 8, Trivante Bloodman 8, Roquez Johnson 8, Jacoby Davis 4; UK – James Young 15, Willie Cauley-Stein 8, Andrew Harrison 4, Dominique Hawkins 4, Julius Randle 3, Alex Poythress 2, Aaron Harrison 1

The Wildcat mascot just wiped his paw on my shoulder. I think Jay-Z said something about that once.

Borchert limps off the court.

Thomas ties it back up with a 3-pointer.

16:03 51-47 UK Young 17 points

A fan is holding up a poster in the upper deck trying to get on TV. Gotta appreciate the effort I guess.

15:43 51-47 UK Young 17 points

Great play drawn up by Rick Ray coming out of the media timeout but Sword can’t finish.

Borchert picks up his fourth foul with 14:20 remaining.

Big time alley oop brings the Big Blue faithful to their feet.

11:37 59-51 UK Young 17 points

Ready being a little too unselfish with that last turnover. Should’ve finished the layup instead of trying to dish to Ware.

Sword picks up his fourth foul with 9:33 to go.

That last UK alley oop was just sick.

7:52 68-53 7:52 Young 22 points

Now UK is doing reverse alley oops.

5:53 74-53 UK Young 24 points.

You’d never believe it but that’s another alley oop for the Wildcats.

4:12 78-58 UK Young 26 points

Johnson picks up his fourth foul with 3:58 to go.

3:58 78-58 UK Young 26 points

Borchert fouls out with 2:55 to go.

Tevin Moore checks in for the first time tonight.


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