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Georgia Dome

Georgia Dome

It’s night No. 2 at the Georgia Dome as Mississippi State plays the late game again tonight against instate rival Ole Miss. The winner gets No. 3 seed Georgia Friday at 8:25 p.m. CT. The Bulldogs will be wearing their maroon uniforms again tonight while Ole Miss will be in white. Tonight’s affair will be aired on SEC-TV which I believe should be WCBI locally.

Tevin Moore is going through warm-ups with the Bulldogs.

Starting lineups:

No. 14 Mississippi State (14-18)

1- Fred Thomas, G, 6-5, 206, So.

15- I.J. Ready, G, 5-11, 170, Fr.

20- Gavin Ware, F, 6-9, 268, So.

25- Roquez Johnson, F, 6-7, 210, Jr.

32- Craig Sword, G, 6-3, 194, So.

No. 6 Ole Miss (18-13)

1- Martavious Newby, G, 6-3, 210, So.

22- Marshall Henderson, G, 6-2, 177, Sr.

23- Dwight Coleby, C, 6-9, 236, Fr.

32- Jarvis Summers, G, 6-3, 186, Jr.

34- Aaron Jones, F, 6-9, 220, Jr.

Bulldogs control the opening tip.

Sword hits a 3-pointer and MSU takes an early 6-0 lead.

17:36 8-0 MSU Sword 4 points

A Colin Borchert steal and slam puts the Bulldogs up 10-0.

Jones puts Ole Miss on the board with a jumper at the 16:38 mark.

Thomas answers with a 3-pointer on the next trip down the floor.

15:26 15-4 MSU Thomas 5 points

Anthony Perez hits a 3-pointer pulling the Rebels within four.

11:48 20-12 MSU Sword 6, Cox 6, Perez 6

Thomas hits another shot from the outside putting MSU up by 11.

Henderson answers right back with a trey of his own.

Summers hits a 3 as well pulling the Rebels within five.

Ready and Summers exchange 3-pointers. Ready the old fashioned way and Summers the new.

Henderson hits from the outside as well.

7:39 31-25 MSU Thomas 8 points

7:07 31-25 MSU Thomas 8 points

Ready hits a 3-pointer from the top of the key as the shot clock expires. Bulldogs up by nine.

Thomas from downtown again. Bulldogs go up by nine again.

4:27 37-30 MSU Thomas 11 points

Chicken gets into the scoring from the outside. State up by 10.

3:37 40-30 MSU Thomas 11 points

State shot 6 of 13 from 3-point range last night. Already 6 of 10 tonight.


Bulldogs are 11-1 when leading at the half. Only loss came at Kentucky.

Key halftime stats:

FG% MSU 57.7, UM 37.1

3PT% MSU 54.5; UM 33.3

FT% MSU 66.7, UM 50

Rebounds: MSU 17, UM 17

Turnovers: MSU 6, UM 3

Pts off TOs: MSU 5, UM 3

Paint Pts: MSU 14, UM 14

2nd Chance: MSU 4, UM 8

Fast break: MSU 6, UM 0

Bench: MSU 7, UM 15

Individual scoring: MSU – Fred Thomas 13, Craig Sword 9, Gavin Ware 7, I.J. Ready 6, Colin Borchert 4, Trivante Bloodman 3, Roquez Johnson 2; UM – Marshall Henderson 9, Jarvis Summers 9, DeMarco Cox 8, Anthony Perez 7, Aaron Jones 2

Sword starts the second half with a 3-pointer putting MSU up by 12.

Henderson gets another trey to fall. MSU lead is nine.

15:59 51-39 MSU Thomas 13 points

Henderson hits again pulling the Rebels within five.

11:07 54-48 MSU Henderson 15 points

Johnson and Jones both get technical fouls.

9:22 56-55 MSU Henderson 15 points

Rebels take their first lead of the game.

7:54 57-56 UM Henderson 15 points.

5:06 65-60 UM Summers 16 points

3:19 68-60 UM Henderson 18 points

2:18 71-62 UM Henderson 21 points

Perez fouls out with 1:34 to go.


Official statistics

I have covered Mississippi State in some capacity since 2004 and joined the Daily Journal staff in 2013. I enjoy short walks on the beach, performing concerts in my car and watching professional wrestling.

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  • Karl Hungus

    Just a gutty performance! They showed so much HEART! If State had a full roster, it’s not even close. Ricky F’n Ray is working his butt off. The future is as bright as a supernova!!! HAIL STATE!

    • TheGiantRebel

      Hooray for the pups!!! another moral victory!!! the future of everything in STARKville is far from bright!!

      • Karl Hungus

        I will apologize for the giant douche’s lame comments. He is suffering from penis envy. Most sharkbears stay hidden in their caves of inequities, but some drink black bear stool-aid and vomit all over themselves.

        • TheGiantRebel

          Wow MSU baseball gets SLAMMED by the REAL dawgs of the sec, and Ole Miss beats previously unbeaten #1 USC. Wow.
          Hey Dungus ! Envy THAT…

          • Karl Hungus

            Your penis envy is getting the best of you…looks like State is getting hot and should return to Omaha, which we all know means Ole Miss at home again. Size matters.

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