Postgame interviews: Alabama

Mississippi State won its ninth straight game away from Dudy Noble Field Thursday night with a 9-4 victory over Alabama. After the game head coach John Cohen, senior outfielder C.T. Bradford and junior reliever Jacob Lindgren spoke about the win in Tuscaloosa.





I have covered Mississippi State in some capacity since 2004 and joined the Daily Journal staff in 2013. I enjoy short walks on the beach, performing concerts in my car and watching professional wrestling.

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  • Roy Munsun

    DOGS can only control how they play. Just keep winning and hope the rebelbearsharkfins choke!!

  • howdy55

    Hey PoopDog, I mean Roy, See your are trolling over here today with the team you said was not yours. Your are a disgrace to any team. Gald your not for us. Waller in it PoopDog.

    • Roy Munsun

      That’s right Howdy…too many black bear cry babies over there. Went to the teacher saying…” that mean old State fan was saying hurtful things, they were true, but it hurt our feelings.” Typical black bear reaction.

      • a name

        True because nigel/karl/cid/roy/buell said they are true. Seriously, why can’t you use one name more than a few weeks? You must have been kicked in the head one too many times down on the south 40. Like most mastitis udder fans, you need professional help. You’ve got to be the 5 (or more) most delusional udder fans I’ve ever seen, either in person or online…

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