MSU commitment facing possible suspension

Alec Murphy was cited for shoplifting in early June. (Photo courtesy of

Alec Murphy was cited for shoplifting in early June. (Photo courtesy of

One of Mississippi State’s newest commitments could be facing a possible suspension.

Nixa, Mo., three-star running back Alec Murphy was caught shoplifting a pair of shoes at Wal-Mart on June 2 and has already paid the $100 fine according to the Springfield News-Leader.

Now Murphy must wait to see if he will face further repercussions from Nixa Public Schools concerning his playing status. He is scheduled to meet with the Nixa activities director on Friday.

Nixa opens the season Aug. 24 at Jefferson City in a nationally televised game on ESPNU.

The 6-foot-1, 222-pounder was one of eight prospects that committed to the Bulldogs on July 18. Last season, Murphy rushed 209 times for 1,793 yards and 22 touchdowns.

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  • Ole Danny Boy

    According to sources, Ole Dan is lining up some well known thugs in this recruiting class.

    • Eric Hutchison

      Put the mouse down. Stop the vertical exercise with your other hand. Leave your mommy’s basement and discover the world. Just a suggestion, little one.

    • xlyons

      really Ole Danny Boy really

  • Southernfried

    A young man shoplifting is a very disappointing thing for programs and families; it does NOT make him a thug. You can not control a young persons behavior as a football coach when he is not on campus. Having said that domestic violence,etc is being a thug; so maybe you need to police your universities recruits before looking at other universities recruits. We all need to help and pray for these young men to be more ethical, moral, honorable, and better behaved.

    • xlyons

      well said Southernfried

      • KB

        Compared to most programs, Mullen has done a great job of getting quality people as well as quality football players. That said, if I were the head coach of any program, I would get rid of a shoplifter if the accusation turns out to be true. I’d only want individuals I could trust lining up with me on the field and I would not want the bad publicity that likely follows someone of less character down the road. Besides, Gibson, Mixon and/others can probably carry the load just fine. Now, with THAT being said as well, I don’t know how old Murphy was when the incident occurred… if he was 13, 14ish and has been exemplary since, you can argue that he should be forgiven for his transgression at such a young age. If it occurred at 16, 17ish, I would give him the boot. One bad potato can spoil the whole basket.

        • KB

          After rereading, the incident occurred recently… not good.

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