Mullen disagrees with Day’s suspension

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen met with the media for the first time following the Bulldogs big win over LSU. Mullen talked about coming off a victory like that entering a bye week. He also voiced his disagreement with the Southeastern Conference’s suspension of center Dillon Day. Mullen also gave an injury update on right tackle Justin Senior and what he’d like to get accomplished before MSU hosts Texas A&M on Oct. 4.

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  • Rufus

    Wow. Just wow. I came here and to other Mississippi State sites to see what Mississippi State people were saying about the suspension. The most obvious thing that I noticed was how whiny the Mississippi State fans are. Then I saw that letter by the fat guy that did the stomping and it was just as whiny as the fans. Now I see the coach is also whiny. Perhaps they should Change their names to Whiny University. Good old WU. Is everybody in the state like this?

    • slim jim

      whiny university. Now that’s funny. Hey, at least Mississippi State has finally gotten national recognition. All this has made them the laughing stock of collge football. Here’s to whiny U. Wah wah wah wah wah.

      • Sergio

        Really. Who had heard of Mississippi State before all this stuff with their dirty fat guy. Now as I’ve taken their pulse by going to some of their sites to see if they condone the action of the player, I’ve found that not only do they condone his actions, but that they are incredibly whiny when they don’t get their way. First they whine about the suspension. They whine because “other teams do bad stuff toooo” (seriously that sounds like a four year old people). Lately they are whining because they didn’t get some hot stuff recruit named leo. Looking back at their record over the years, it looks like they have had plenty to whine about so I suppose that they get more practice than most. Seriously, no wonder nobody has heard of this team. They are like the worst of the SEC. It looks like the SEC has kept them just so the big boys would have someone to knock around.

      • Dogariffic

        Actually LSU is the whiny school!!! All Mullen did was disagree with the decision while agreeing to abide by it as a Charter member of the SEC.

        • squiggy

          LOL! would you like me to call the wahmbalunce for you?

        • Rufus

          The four exclamation points are a good touch. Any whiny baby knows that the more exclamation points that you throw in there, the better. Thanks for proving my point.

  • Rufus

    I don’t know about the SEC, but most conferences fine schools when the coaches start whining about official decisions in the press like this. A few will even suspend the coach. The SEC is probably too concentrated on winning at all costs to do anything like that though. This all really reflects badly on your school.

  • TheGiantRebel

    Of course he is going to ‘disagree’ with the suspension… he’s the one who told ‘Dirty’ Dillon Day to write the letter…

  • TheGiantRebel

    BTW I like the ‘air quotes’ in the still screen of the video… nice

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