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Mississippi State junior quarterback Dak Prescott discusses his walking boot, being the No. 1 team in the first ever College Football Playoff Rankings and this week’s game against Arkansas.

On Mississippi State being no. 1 in the inaugural College Football Playoff rankings:

“That is something you can never take away from this university and this program. This is the first ever ranking, and Mississippi State is the first team ever to be ranked no. 1. I think that is pretty cool.”

On reflecting after a road win at Kentucky:

“There is a lot we can improve on. Specifically, with me, I have to work on not hesitating. I have to throw the ball and get rid of it. I have to get it out of my hands without thinking about making mistakes. We did a lot of good things. We ran off of the ball and our offensive line dominated the game. [Josh] Robinson had a phenomenal game. He was breaking tackles and just being [Josh]. Kentucky did well and scored some points, but everyone stepped up when we needed them to. That is the kind of team we have.”

On [Josh] Robinson:

“He opens up the defense. They can load the box to try and stop both of us on the run, but that allows me to attack the field in some one-on-one battles. They cannot just jump on me on read-options because they know he can take the ball, make a guy miss, and give them trouble.”

On taking hits in the Kentucky game:

“I’m fine. The boot is just precautionary to make sure nothing happens. I will be alright. This time of the year, especially in the SEC, no one is going to feel good. We have been taking a lot of hits. Even guys on the practice squad are taking a lot of hits. We have to continue to keep going and we have to keep motivating each other.”

On Arkansas’ defensive improvement:

“They have a new defensive coordinator, but their head coach is the main defensive guy there. They are going to do everything he wants to do, but I expect them to change a little bit up for us. They are a good defense. They are really good up front and they have a good linebacking core. Their safeties really play well.”

On not being able to play against Arkansas last year:

“I am anxious to go against everybody, whether I have played them three times or never played them. It will be exciting going against them.”

On laying the block on [Josh] Robinson’s run at Kentucky:

“[Josh] Robinson made a bunch of guys miss and was playing phenomenal. If I can help him out by getting in a guy’s way I am going to do it. I want to deliver the blows most of the time. I feel like injuries come when you cower back or try to absorb the blow. I would rather hit them than them hit me. I like to be physical, but I also have to be smart.”

On [Gabe] Myles filling in for [Jameon] Lewis:

“He has done a great job. The credit goes to Coach Billy Gonzales for getting all of those guys ready. When someone goes down he has them ready to step in and do a great job. We have eight to 10 receivers that are big time guys that we really believe in. [Gabe] Myles is one who stepped in and has done well for us.”

On his three interceptions in the last two games:

“The interceptions against Auburn were not really bad reads, just bad ball placement. If I put those balls over the top more I think they would have turned out ok. Last week I really did not see the pressure and he hit me as I threw the ball.”

On improving his accuracy:

I have to drive off of my back foot and not keep trying to take big shots. I have to check the ball down and get the ball out of my hands quickly.”

On spreading the ball to different receivers:

“Those are just the reads. In Coach (Dan) Mullen’s offense there is no favorite target. However the defense shapes up determines what my read will be and I will throw to the guy that is open.”

I have covered Mississippi State in some capacity since 2004 and joined the Daily Journal staff in 2013. I enjoy short walks on the beach, performing concerts in my car and watching professional wrestling.

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