Bulldogs arrive in Miami

Houston's Chris Jones, a sophomore defensive tackle at Mississippi State, arrives in Miami on Friday afternoon. (Photo courtesy of MSU Athletics)

Houston’s Chris Jones, a sophomore defensive tackle at Mississippi State, arrives in Miami on Friday afternoon. (Photo courtesy of MSU Athletics)

No. 8 Mississippi State arrived in Miami for the Orange Bowl on Friday afternoon and immediately went to work.

The Bulldogs held their first on-site practice just hours after landing at Miami International Airport.

Check out what head coach  Dan Mullen, senior defensive tackle Kaleb Eulls, junior linebacker Benardrick McKinney and senior guard Ben Beckwith had to say from South Florida.

Dan Mullen – Head Coach

On the team…

“We’re doing fantastic. We couldn’t be better being here right now in beautiful Miami. There’s no better place for a bowl game. The team is fired up and ready to go.”

On the weather in South Florida…

“We’re from Mississippi so I’ll tell you what, our guys are going to be feeling great about the temperature. They’re very thankful; it feels more normal for them than being out in the cold weather.”

On Georgia Tech…

“Well they’ll obviously be a great challenge. They’re one of the top teams in the nation. They run a very unique style on offense; they have a very underrated defense. They didn’t become one of the top teams in the country by not being great in every phase of the game.”

On his current bowl streak at Mississippi State…

“The biggest part of it is that our players expect it and that to me is really what has changed for us. Our players expect to come out here and expect to go to a bowl game every year and expect to now compete for championships. The opportunity to be playing in the Capital One Orange Bowl is special and I think that now people within our program expect to be in these games every year.”


Kaleb Eulls – DL – Senior

On arriving in Miami…

“It’s great you know, to get a chance to come down to South Florida, Miami to get to relax and have fun and play the game that we love. It’s a great experience.”

On playing in the Capital One Orange Bowl…

“It’s a great feeling to get a chance to play here in a great bowl game. It’s something you work hard for throughout the offseason. It’s a great feeling to be here in Miami for the Orange Bowl.”

Benardrick McKinney – LB – Junior

On arriving in Miami…


“We came here to do our job and win the game. When it’s time to have fun we will have fun, when it’s time to lock in, we will lock in.”


Ben Beckwith – OL –Senior

On arriving in Miami…

“The task at hand is to get 11 wins and get out with a win in Miami but at the same time going to have fun. This my last bowl so I’m going to have a little fun while we’re down here but you always have the game in the back of your mind, in everything you do and every time you go do something and thinking about beating Georgia Tech, but we’re going to have fun with it. Winning is fun in my opinion so we’ll have fun the whole time and on game day so it will be a good deal. ”

On Georgia Tech’s defense…

“They are a good defense, they have good pursuit to the ball, and they have good D-lineman, their motor never stops. We definitely haven’t overlooked them, there is a lot of talk about their offense but at the same time they didn’t get there with just the offense they have a complete team. We’re ready for them and all of that for our game…we’re ready to go.”

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