Orange Bowl Q&A with Josh Robinson

Trae Elston, Josh RobinsonMississippi State junior running back Josh Robinson fielded questions from the media on Monday in advance of the Bulldogs appearance in the Orange Bowl. The following is a transcript of what Robinson had to say…

Q. Doing a story on your coach (Dan Mullen), he seems a little bit out of the Nick Saban all-business-type mode. He seems like a guy who wants you guys to have fun as well as obviously work real hard. Have you seen that your whole time that you’ve been there with him?

JOSH ROBINSON: Yeah, yeah, he’s changed to a players’ coach. For the most part we rest our bodies. When it’s time to focus in, there’s time to play. He came to adjust with the players and knowing our surroundings and knowing what we can do.

Q. Obviously when you’re working, you’re working, but how does he loosen things up?

JOSH ROBINSON: Just let us go loose, just say go ahead and do what you do, but then you’ve got to lock in when it’s time to go to work.

Q. Do you guys have tight curfews?

JOSH ROBINSON: No, the team is led by — not by coaches, it’s led by the players. We’ve got a leading team. It’s not the coaches’ team, it’s the players’ team, so we do a good job of leading ourselves. We have a lot of veteran guys and we just do what we do.

Q. Did he recruit you, come to your house?

JOSH ROBINSON: Coach (Greg) Knox came, our running back coach.

Q. Do you remember the first time you met Coach Mullen? What was your impression?

JOSH ROBINSON: I don’t remember.

Q. Have you enjoyed playing for him?


Q. Do you think he’s made you the player you are or the assistants, the whole program?

JOSH ROBINSON: The program helped me to trim some of my techniques, yeah. That’s about it. It helped me a little bit. It helped me trim down some of the areas that I needed to focus more on, but as far as making me, no.

Q. Running backs make themselves.

JOSH ROBINSON: Yeah, yeah.

Q. We were talking with Dak a little bit about how do you stay as focused being here in Miami. There’s sort of a lot of distractions. You guys had a chance to go to the beach. How was that?

JOSH ROBINSON: You know, you said there’s a lot of distractions. You’ve just got to know how to prepare. You’ve got to come and you’re on a business trip. You can’t focus on other distractions. You just focus on the task at hand, and after the game maybe you can go into those distractions. But just got to stay focused and do our job.

Q. You’ve had a couple practices already. What’s it been like?

JOSH ROBINSON: You’ve got to adapt to your environment. Starkville is probably 40 degrees right now. Here it’s probably 80, 75, so you’ve always got to adapt to your environment, and that’s a dramatic change. Just got to get used to it.

Q. As far as Georgia Tech goes and their defense, obviously every team has their certain strengths. What about them could possibly allow you to maybe have a career game? Is there anything that sticks out to you?

JOSH ROBINSON: There’s nothing about their defense. It’s all about us, how we prepare, our preparation. We can’t worry about nobody else. All we can worry about is playing Mississippi State ball and executing our assignment. Once you do that, that will determine how your game goes.

Q. What has this past couple weeks been like for you guys, that final loss in the regular season? Was it annoying, frustrating, knowing you had to wait this long to play another game?

JOSH ROBINSON: Yeah, yeah. We’re going to release a lot of the dog. We can’t wait to hit that field and I can’t wait to hit the field with my brothers.

Q. Overall this season, I’m sure you guys expected it, but to still be here now, wake up on the East Coast in Miami in the Orange Bowl, how is that?

JOSH ROBINSON: From day one, from January 1st we had the shot the world round. We had that mentality, and we showed the world, now it’s time to show them one more time what the 2014 Bulldogs can do, just going to cut up. We’ve got to do what we’ve got to do, you know.

I have covered Mississippi State in some capacity since 2004 and joined the Daily Journal staff in 2013. I enjoy short walks on the beach, performing concerts in my car and watching professional wrestling.

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