Johnson looks forward to Prescott’s return

Dak Prescott broke 12 individual school records during his first season with Mississippi State quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson. Johnson spoke about what it means to have Prescott back for his senior year during a news conference on Wednesday.

Here is a transcript of what Johnson had to say:

Opening statement…

“We had a great year. When you talk about development of the quarterback position it takes a really, really long time. There’s constant evaluation, constant improvement that can be made, that’s just  generally as we go through our cut-ups and watch.

“You know, he had a great individual year. I think with another year of  experience…this was just his first full-time season as the starter. So with more reps I think you continue to get more comfortable. And I think  with him coming back the game will slow down even more for him. That  will help his anticipation, help his feet, and just become generally a  better player by accumulating those reps.”

From spring to bowl growth…

“Well he’s made a ton of strides throughout  the course of the year. A lot of that is a huge tribute to his mentality and the way he prepares himself, both physically and mentally. And one of the things when we first came in and first got together is we decided to set some goals of what we wanted to accomplish, about becoming a more accurate passer, becoming a better leader, becoming more of a field general. And I think he accomplished those throughout the course of the season. So throughout this year of being with him I think he’s made tremendous strides, and looking forward to making another jump next year.”

Making his job easier…

“Yeah, that’s the best recruiting job of all right there. Is getting an opportunity to get a player back of Dak’s caliber. I know he’s really excited about what we have here and what coach (Dan) Mullen has built here. It’s a very, very special place and I’m just really excited to be a part of it and get him for another year.”

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