Mullen changes dynamics of second scrimmage

Head Coach Dan Mullen
Post Scrimmage Interview

Opening Statement

“A good day out here today. When we did this, a little different style of scrimmage than we did the last time. So there’s a couple of different things you look at. For coaches the two aspects of it is we’re trying to get certain plays, certain looks and reps by certain guys. So there’s the individual aspect of the player development they could get in today’s scrimmage, which I can’t tell you anything about. Then the team aspect when you scrimmage this way, when it’s not as scripted a scrimmage, it’s pretty interesting. Because you’ve got to look and say OK, the 1-defense really went with the 2-offense today. The same thing, the 1-offense goes out there on the field against the 1-defense; when we punted where did they start? Then if the 2-offense comes out there on the field, they’re driving and punt the ball. That defense, where did they hold them? That’s where the other guys would have started their possession. That’s something we’ll go look at as you evaluate it as a team scrimmage.”

 On the defense’s play … 

“I thought they played with some good energy out there on the field. I like their demeanor and their attitude, again, I’ll look back. I don’t know that we played poorly last week on defense, but you know there was some communication issues and also how we ran the scrimmage. It was a little tougher for the defense last week (because) we set it as ones, twos with set yard-lines at each possession. We worked tempo and we were not subbing as much. Today was much more sub-oriented.”

 On the defense’s progress … 

I think we are getting a little bit better. It’s all the subtle changes. There are little changes at certain positions and certain defenses. Those things that will still take some time as they continue to grow.”

 On Nick Fitzgerald … 

“I thought he did some really good things. I thought he did a good job mentally of not making, not forcing things, just managing things, and I thought he did a good job of that.”

 On heading into the final week of the spring … 

“What parts of the game do we really need to look at? We are going to do some scrimmaging this week, again and just put some guys in some different situations. And after the scrimmage really go back, review it and say ‘Okay, hey, even off just scripts, you know, we did not get enough reps in this play or that play or that defense or that blitz, or combing it. This play against this defense or this blitz against this type of offense and really kind of get everything that we want to get finalize taught on film as we move into summer for our guys.”

 On Dontavian Lee … 

“He runs the ball hard. I think as he continues to grow, there are a couple cuts he is going to get better at.  He is going to see some things a little bit better out there on the field, but that comes with time and experience. But he runs the ball hard.”

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