SEC Media Day: Ryan Brown

Mississippi State senior end Ryan Brown is the Bulldogs only returning starter along the defensive line. Brown was one of the players representing MSU during SEC Media Days on Tuesday.

On Replacing Linebackers

“Coach (Dan) Mullen and the coaching staff does a great job in recruiting and seeing not stars, but potential in those guys who have stepped up to the plate. We have guys like Richie Brown and Beniquez Brown, who had done a great job last year and have the ability to return and start a couple of games. Beniquez was a starter last year. Richie Brown started a couple of games. I’m very confident they can do the job.”

On Being Close To College Football Playoff

“Our mentality is that we did finish strong, not like we wanted to, but to focus on those losses because we are nowhere near perfect and we are trying to focus on finishing strong in every drill and every practice. We don’t care a lot about our wins, because what you do after the loss….. Obviously, we did a poor job in rebounding after the first lost, so we have to stay focused and make sure we let those losses be our motivation.”

On The Lack of Respect for Mississippi State

“I think I like it that way, because I feel as if I’d rather be underrated than overrated. I like being a bulldog, and better than that, an underdog to prove ourselves and have that motivation.”

On Egg Bowl

”That’s our rivalry and we make sure that’s our emphasis. It’s at the end of the season for us, so that’s the point where we have to show in or show out. It’s a big rivalry for us and we’ll see what happens.”

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