Video: Ryan Brown

Mississippi State senior defensive end Ryan Brown discusses the first fall practice and taking on a leadership role.

On Chris Jones…

“I do not think I need to tell him anything. Everything that he has worked for is right in front of him. He sees that and I think he is going to play up to his potential this year.”

On depth on the defensive line…

“That is the reason we rotated a lot last year. We have talent and depth, and the guys behind are just as good as us. I am very comfortable with all of our guys. I know those guys are ready to ball, and I am ready to ball with them.”

On what he has seen from the true freshmen…

“I wanted to see if they were ready. Everyone in the country is doing the same thing they are. Everyone in the country is trying to bench press the highest they ever have. They have to make sure they have a hunger, because they can use their youth to their advantage. You can go as hard as you can and play higher than your potential. Hopefully, those guys step up like we saw at practice.”

On being picked last in the SEC West…

People judge what they see. I heard someone mention that [being picked last] 10 times today at practice, so that is going to help and motivate us each and every day. It is all about who is hungry and who executes the most. We are trying to build on that and have fun.”

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