Postgame interview: Dan Mullen

No. 25 Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen discusses the Bulldogs’ 21-19 loss to 14th-ranked LSU at home Saturday night.

Opening Statement

“Hard fought game out there on the field. They made one more play than we did. Three touchdowns right there, a couple of big plays we gave up right there, a couple of missed opportunities. Everybody has to do a better job. Starting with me, we will get back to work tomorrow, right back out here.”

On the change in the second half

“No, there was a deep breath that did a great job for them during halftime. Just relax and do your jobs. Once we started to get into a rhythm, one of the things last week, we never got into a rhythm on offense. I think we finally did that for the first time all season; we were in a rhythm for the second half. The guys are executing clean and really getting a good feel for the offense and moving the ball.”

On his opinion of the MSU running game

“Not very good, but I don’t know if we tried to run the ball a whole lot during the second half. You know we were behind in the second half trying to come back, and I thought we could run the ball to be honest with you. We threw for 335 yards, so I think that we were executing really clean in the pass game and trying to come from behind especially in the fourth quarter. I think we got away from the running game a little bit, but you know the running game sits with everything else in the first half. We are going to watch the film to see some little miscues and some different things that didn’t allow us to get into a rhythm running the football. They did a good job out there. They played stout and did some good things, but we relaxed and played better the second half.”

On Gus Walley playing

“It depends on the situation we are in. It is all very situational based, the stuff that we will do. Some of it is play action, some of it is situational based. There are some excellent pass rushers in this league so you have to have the opportunity to disrupt some different pass rushers. Also it is to try to find some formational advantage.”

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