Video: Craig Sword

Mississippi State senior shooting guard Craig Sword discusses his final first practice with the Bulldogs. Sword shares a health update and how he thinks having Malik Newman in the backcourt will free him up this season.

On first practice

“It was a long day today, coach (Ben) Howland showed us some new stuff and it’s different. It felt like a real, real live practice the whole time.”

On hamstring

“I feel much better, I think they’re going keep me in rehab.”

On helping Malik Newman with pressure

“He opened up a lot. Everyone’s been watching him the whole time. Today I rode him a lot cause everybody’s just watching him move the ball. I tell him just be able to handle the pressure because a lot of people are gonna be scouting him. It’ll take a lot of pressure off me so it’s gonna open up one of our game’s regardless.

“He’s come in playing like he’s been here the last four years. I don’t think there’s any pressure on him at all.”

On change with new coach

“I haven’t changed anything at all. I’ve been doing the same stuff I’ve been doing every year. I haven’t changed [my body] at all. I’m eating how they want me eating now, so I have to get used to it.”

On Ben Howland changing shot mechanics

“He didn’t add much. He just told me to keep the ball low and don’t drop it because they’ll strip me if I pull the ball down every time”

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