Postgame interview: Dan Mullen

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen picked up his 50th career victory Saturday against Troy, 45-17.

Opening Statement…

“I was pleased with our plays out there today, but I do think our execution needs to be much cleaner. We weren’t great on third downs today, but overall it was a great game. (Nick) Fitz(gerald) did a great job today. Dak (Prescott) has been sick all day so he didn’t do any walk throughs and we got some medicine in him and had him take a nap, but he wasn’t getting any better. Then Fitz got the call that he’d be running the walk throughs all this morning and to be ready to go. Dak really wanted to start because he’s the ultimate competitor and I did think that if he started it would take some of the edge off of Fitz. All in all, it was a great win, when you look at it 50 percent of the people playing today are losing, so we will take it and it’s a good way to start off this home stretch.”

On Fred Ross becoming an explosive player…

“I’ve always said he’s a great player, and this year he’s made some great plays catching the ball down the field. He always does a great job in the open field with the ball in his hands. He can beat you in his route run but he can also catch it and beat you in the run as well. I’m very pleased with his development.”

On the defense becoming stronger…

“I told them I wanted to step on the field and get after people, and today we had a lot of guys playing nasty defense. I’ve noticed progression in practice this week, and I keep seeing it get better and better. That is the type of defense I expect us to play. Now they can look back at the film and know what they’re doing better so they can build up from there.”

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  • Charles Reid

    Defense under Manny Diaz saved the day. Only 12 1st downs for MsSt compared to 19 for Troy. Time of Possession less than 20 minutes for MsSt. RBs for MsSt combined for 71 yards on 21 runs. Dontavain Lee had 5 rums for 44 yards. Rest of RBs had 27 yards on 16 runs.

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