Postgame interview: Dan Mullen

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen saw his team improve to 5-2 on the year following Saturday’s 45-20 homecoming win over Louisiana Tech.

Opening Statement

“I’m very proud of how our guys played today. We came out and started slow, but our preparation was good and we were on top of things. It’s a team effort to pick yourselves up out of a 14-0 lead, and we did and we ended up turning it around a playing very well in all phases. We had some big special teams plays out there, especially with the blocked kick. I thought everyone played very solid. We held them to only six points for the rest of the game and that was a great effort on our part. This is the end of non-conference play and now we need to be ready for the grind that we’re about to go through over the next couple weeks.”

On the versatility of Donald Gray

“He is a first-year player for us. He’s coming out of junior college, so he is a little bit older than a high school kid but in a lot of ways he’s like a freshman/first year guy for us. He has made some great plays, and he blocked a punt, so I think he showed a lot of his true potential today. He is constantly working on being a consistent football player. He wants to be good.”

On Dak Prescott’s progression as a quarterback

“He has come a long ways and become a big-time quarterback. Today I was impressed because he is starting to get back and find his balance on when to pull it down and start running. The first couple games of the season he has done such a great job of getting third and fourth progressions. He is starting to see and understand coverages so he doesn’t have to hold the ball in the pocket for too long and get sacked. The key to that is the balance of knowing what is happening on the field. He makes great decisions for us. It is great having a guy that really wants to rally and turn the score around when you are down 14-0. He got a look in his eye; he wanted that ball and wanted to go make things happen on the field.”

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