Video: Dak Prescott

Mississippi State senior quarterback Dak Prescott discusses the cross-division rivalry that has begun between the Bulldogs and Kentucky.

On knowing when to pass the ball or when to run:

“It is just something that you feel and learn. Basically just having a time clock in my head of when to get out of the pocket and also when I go to watch film they give us certain covers that they give you if they are going to give you lanes to run.”

On the deep pass to Fred Brown:

“The time clock went off in my head to get out of the pocket and run and as I was doing so, I saw Fred Brown coming across on the other side of the field and he was deeper than their deepest man so I just tried to set my feet and throw it out there.  I should have threw it a little farther though.”

On Kentucky being a rival:

“They are our locked opponent across divisions and we play them every year and I think that is what it is.  I think they are a team that are trying to do what we did last year and are trying to get where we are and they are not far from it.”

On defensive end A.J. Jefferson:

“He really gets the best out of me.  He’s the guy that puts that time clock in my head.  He makes sure that he is getting after us each and every day.  He makes our offensive line better, makes better protects, and makes me realize that I need to get the ball out of my hands.”

On the numerous changes of wide receivers during the previous game:

“It doesn’t change my look at anything at all.  That goes back to the summer and the spring.  We put in a lot of time with those guys during the off season to get better and them running all of the routes in case of situations like that. So when a certain guy steps in I am not worried. I trust him and he trust me and I know that he is going to run all of the routes and he’s going to run the ball and bring it in. So it doesn’t make me worry.  It is really good that we have a bunch of guys that can play the different positions and can run the ball well.”

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