Video: Johnny Zuppardo, Gavin Ware

Mississippi State senior forwards Johnny Zuppardo and Gavin Ware preview the the Bulldogs’ SEC opener against No. 21 Texas A&M tonight.

Gavin Ware, Senior, Forward

On what has been different for him this year …

“Just being very humble with myself. Also, my conditioning has gotten a lot better. I believe if you are able to run up and down the floor then you can perform on offense and defense. I believe that has been the main key along with my workouts and working on my shots. We spend countless hours on our shots, free throws, jump hooks and post moves. I believe that all plays in effect.”

On his off-season schedule …

“I really can’t even explain it. Everyday had its own vibe. One day it will be getting treatment and getting my body ready for practice or one day getting back to being on the cardio machine and altitude machine. Just trying to get my body in top-level shape so I can play those long minutes coach Howland wants me to play. It was seven days of the week and if I wasn’t at the Hump I was probably sick at home.”

On when his switch clicked that it was his senior season …

“This summer it clicked. When we first started playing Eastern Washington, I thought this was it for me. A few days ago when we finished up our last non-conference game and were about to start conference play, I had to realize this is my last time going into conference play, last time going to the tournament and last everything. I really have to finish out with a bang. That is really what I am trying to do.”

Johnny Zuppardo, Senior, Forward

On what it’s going to be like playing in his first conference game …

“It’s going to be a real blessing. This is something I have dreamed about my whole life. We really look forward to this game. The other day at practice we were all excited and yelling and screaming. We were just really happy and had a good vibe. We are a really competitive team and great things can happen in conference play. We are looking forward to conference play.”


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