Howland saying goodbye to six seniors

Mississippi State will bid farewell to six seniors on Saturday. Head coach Ben Howland expressed his feelings for how much those seniors mean to him during his first year with the Bulldogs and also shared a preview for the Auburn game.

On Senior Class…

“I know our senior class has worked very hard. I’m especially proud of how hard we’ve grown here in the last six, seven weeks of the season. I think any time there’s a change in culture, a change in coaching, there’s a period of trying to figure it all out for the players and I really feel like they bought into me and trusted me and given me themselves, especially over the course of the last six, seven weeks. That means a lot to me. It’s sad for me to see them go. I really appreciate all they’ve given to this university and this program. I want to help them in as many ways as I can, both as basketball players and as people off the floor.”

On legacy of the senior class…

“They are the beginning of something special, that’s their legacy.”

On Craig Sword…

“To me, he’s the guy that’s the key guy. I think he’s really started to believe in what we’re doing here in the conference. I’m so impressed with his competitiveness. He is a great competitor and he wants to win in the worst way. He’s sacrificed a lot for this program. He embodies what a Bulldog is. He’s all about winning, and he’s really taken pride in being a great defensive player and learning the game better and becoming a guy that I think will continue to grow. I think if I had him for one more year he could really be special, and, selfishly, I’m sad to see him go.”

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